10 Ways BPO Companies Keep You Connected
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Our 10 BPO Advantages Happening Behind the Scenes 

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a great tool for businesses looking to add flexible, scalable cost-effective customer service. Outsourcing frees up valuable time and in-house resources. But there’s more going on behind the scenes at a high-quality BPO provider than a simple answering service or phone bank. Effective customer service requires a dedicated team of experts and cutting-edge technology to manage your business communication.

Radius Global Solutions is designed to do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, allowing our partners to focus on other areas of their business. See what happens behind the scenes to keep your brand connected to your customers.


One: We Know the People

Effective communication starts with a deep understanding of human interaction. Radius has over 38 years of communication experience. We know how to strike the right tone and find the right balance of respect and authority. We have mastered the art of getting results. And we know the best practices for engaging with customers.

We hire the right people for the job and give them the tools that they need for success. We are always learning new approaches and studying unique ways to reach customers. No matter what new technology is available, communication always begins with understanding the human condition.


Two: We Know the Tech

To make effective customer connections, it takes more than a phone and a rolodex. Modern communication requires modern technology. Radius uses omnichannel communication to reach customers across all devices and platforms. Our Contact Centers  are equipped with the latest technology, and that means your business is equipped with the latest technology.

We also work with your current technology and software for a seamless workflow. Our tech team works hard behind the scenes 24/7, keeping the lines of communication open and productive.


Three: We Know Compliance

Radius understands your unique needs and industry requirements. Our experts scrutinize the latest rules and regulations to ensure all communication is carefully crafted and compliant. We work within the necessary laws to safely and securely reach your customers.


Four: We Become an Active Partner and Participant

Our goal is to be an extension of your brand. We are not a silent partner. We listen to your challenges and goals and collaborate with you. We combine your voice and vision with our communication expertise to create unique, successful solutions.


Five: We Collect the Data the Right Way

Comprehensive data is collected and analyzed to see what’s working and where your communication pipeline needs improvement. We find where you’re losing customers, and where your competition may be excelling. With our technology we can:

  • Study the habits of your customers.
  • See immediate results.
  • Manage and mitigate potential challenges.

All of our solutions are based on a foundation of data. Case Study: Radius used extensive data to create workable solutions for a utility company.


Six: Our Solutions are Custom-Built 

What works for one business may not work for all. That’s why we develop custom solutions based on your specific challenges. Your brand’s mission and your customer data are combined to generate a specific plan of action. We work with you as a partner, not just a call center. See how we created a multi-faceted solution to recover debt for one of our partners.


Seven: Our Agents Are Highly-Trained and Enthusiastic

We hire the right people and give them the right training. Our agents are carefully selected and vetted. We proudly use our proven Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure agents are properly trained to tackle specific jobs and effectively use the necessary technology. Additional training is provided as policies and procedures change, giving us a team of knowledgeable, dynamic agents capable of handling even the most complicated and delicate procedures.


Eight: Gather Measurable Results and Pivot When Needed. 

With our technology and agents at your fingertips, you can quickly pivot and adjust as your business demands. We provide help with  high-volume and seasonal changes. And with our continuous customer data collection, we can quickly forecast where and when you will need more hands. All of your BPO tools are easy to modify so you can stay competitive every month, quarter, year, and beyond.


Nine: Scaling Made Simple

We grow with you. We have the resources standing by, ready to help your business expand quickly and easily. Instantly add customer support, sales staff, debt collection, account recovery, and more. Give your small to medium-sized business the resources of a big business without the costly staff.


Ten: With BPO, You Are Ready to Succeed 

With a high-quality BPO partner such as Radius in your toolbox, you’re ready to build a bigger, better business. Arm your business with the right agents, robust technology, and custom-created strategies while staying competitive and cost-effective. We work tirelessly to make your communication strategy easy to manage and deploy.


BPO Is Your Secret Weapon

New technologies like AI and automation are automating repetitive tasks, improving efficiency and accuracy in BPO services. This allows us to offer specialized services and focus on higher-value tasks, like customer interaction and strategic analysis, which require human expertise. As a result, the future of BPO lies in a blend of automation and human intelligence.

Effective business and customer communication is a science, and BPO is your scientist. You may be exhausting resources and time on challenges that a quality BPO provider can take off your hands, allowing you to be nimble and flexible. Contact Radius Global Solutions today to see how we’ll work hard behind the scenes to keep you connected. We’ll answer your questions and develop a BPO strategy that suits your needs.

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