Radius Global Solutions LLC has acquired Windham Professionals Inc., and have added added brand leadership and services in student debt.

Government & Education

CX Strategies to Govern and Educate

Carefully crafted strategies compliant with industry standards

It requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to understand customer needs in the government and education industries. Radius knows that these industries are subject to scrutiny and require a level of attention that must be met. We ensure that all customer interactions are secure, compliant, and professional.

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Radius Interactive Virtual Assistant

Our Customer First Approach

Tailored Services for Your Government or Education Insitution

Our goal is to ensure positive experiences lead to positive outcomes
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Customer Contact Center Services

Our contact center operations are backed by data and led by analysis. We use data and research to support our solutions and focus on providing an omnichannel customer support approach. With modularity, scripts, and real-time reporting, our knowledgeable contact center agents are a valuable asset to those in the government and education industries.

Early Stage Delinquency

Based on historical payment and behavioral patterns, we use predictive analytics to determine the best opportunities to intervene and assist your customers in meeting their payment obligations. Our experts communicate and educate with empathy while resolving delinquencies quickly and efficiently.

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Debt Recovery

Streamline Government Operations with a Call Center

Is your government agency struggling to answer customer inquiries in a timely manner? Do you receive frequent customer complaints? Download our FREE whitepaper to discover how you can solve your agency’s biggest challenges while offering more streamlined support to the public.

Radius By the Numbers

The Radius Difference

It is all in the numbers – our work, results, and impact.

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Serviced more than $6B in loan balances for one of the nation’s largest private credit issuers

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On average, we service over 137 million student loan accounts each year

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In a year, we make over 9 million calls for one of the largest private student loan issuers in the US

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