Multi-Faceted Approach Leads to Top Tier Ranking

Key Results

The Problem

Obtain consistent recovery rates while meeting all regulations for a national cable company

Obtaining consistent recovery rates for a client in a highly competitive industry with a broad range of services and a customer base spanning across the U.S. can be difficult. With a mission to keep compliance as a top priority, Radius Global Solutions accepted these challenges with the goal of becoming the leading agency while meeting all regulations.

Our Solution

Develop a solution focused equally on metrics, analytics, & compliance

Metrics: Understanding not only the end result but exactly how the client calculated the results and what was most critical in their scoring. This in-depth understanding lead to placement strategies to focus our efforts on the buckets most important to our client.

Analytics: With such a complex customer base, demographics and regional standards are an important component to success. Our highly skilled analytics team developed proprietary scoring mechanisms that provided a daily road map of priorities. This segmentation also matched types of accounts to an agent’s skill level—matching the high propensity accounts to newer agents and more difficult accounts to agents with more experience. Combined with time zone, time of day, and regional standards, our analytics tools created a solid foundation for our success.

Compliance: At the core of our suite of compliance tools, Human Call Initiation (HCI) enables our agents to interact with all consumers. HCI allows agents to call more efficiently, improving productivity (accounts dialed) by nearly 400%. This strategy allows us to reach more consumers with fewer agents, improving results and controlling costs.

The Results
  • Increased performance by 50% and maintained improvement
  • Awarded new markets across several regions
  • Raised the level of expectation for all agencies
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Project Timeline