Which Is Best: Automated Calls vs. Live Calls
automated calls and live calls with agents

Find Your Customer Service Voice

The world of customer service is always evolving. New tools and technology can connect people in a wide variety of ways. Modern Contact Centers are equipped to reach customers with sophisticated automated operators on multiple channels. However, your brand may still require knowledgeable, friendly live agents to assist customers. Every business leader needs to decide on how to best connect with their customers. It’s about what the customers want, and what is most efficient and effective for the brand.

Finding the balance on your own can be difficult. However, working with an experienced Business Process Outsourcing partner like Radius Global Solutions gives you the right tools to make the right connection.


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The New Age of Customer Service Automation

If you think of automated communication as the old, inelegant robocalls of the late 20th century, think again. New automation tools use sophisticated software and hardware to connect with customers via web chat, email, text, and more. And new, friendly automated voices can seem like talking to a real person.

Customers can navigate through menus quickly thanks to intelligent routing. And user-friendly interfaces make it easy to manage complicated systems.

But most importantly, modern automation is driven by data. Smart communication is not a guessing game. Radius Global Solutions develops custom-built automated communication strategies based on collected data. Our finely-tuned solutions find the best approach and channel for communication: Phone, web, email, and text. As a BPO service, we provide the necessary technology and resources to make the automated connection. Our partners don’t need extra hardware or support staff.

The result is an automated system that’s intelligent, targeted, and cost-effective.


The Benefits of Automation

  • Efficient
  • Available 24/7
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy to Adjust and Scale
  • Less Wait Time for Customers

When should you use automation? Whenever it can save time and keep customers engaged. They are ideal for routine calls and reminders. And when customers need to input information, such as order numbers and addresses, an automated call can be faster than a live agent. A well-programmed automated system can also reach a large group of people at the same time. And during high-volume seasons, automation provides a much-needed helping hand to direct and manage customer interaction.

Automation is not a new idea, but it is a fast-evolving resource. The customer journey is changing with new artificial intelligence software, conversational chatbots, voice recognition, face recognition, and intelligent routing. But is it always the best solution?


Things an Automated Call Can’t Do…Yet

Sometimes a live agent is the only way to properly and effectively engage with customers and clients. The key is having a properly trained agent interacting with your customers and not just an aloof phone operator.

Radius Global Solution agents are highly trained in the art of customer engagement. And our strategies are always based on comprehensive customer data. We know what your customers want and we know how to get results. Custom-crafted scripts keep your brand’s voice intact and you’re always in control of the message.


The Benefits of Live Agents

  • Knowledgeable
  • Friendly and Engaging
  • Able to Listen Effectively
  • Fewer Menus and Gatekeepers
  • Able to “Go Off Script” When Necessary

When are live agents better than automation? Any time-sensitive issues are discussed, such as finances and healthcare, a live operator can provide a deep level of respect and emotion that even the most sophisticated automated system lacks. Discussing debt collection or healthcare can be difficult but the human touch helps put users at ease.

Live agents are also better suited for complex issues. If more detailed customer service is required, live agents are able to walk customers through challenges and make quick recommendations based on specific situations. If you need to make out-going calls to businesses, live agents are most effective because they can navigate through the various menus and gatekeepers.

And live agents provide helpful, patient compassion during an emergency. When communication is critical, live agents are the best solution.


Combining Automated Calls with Live Agents: The Best of Both Worlds

The key to successful customer engagement is effective routing: Get the right people to the right information. The goal of your communication strategy is to quickly get the customer to a solution before they lose interest.

This means sending customers to a live agent when needed and relying on automation when it’s most effective. After analyzing the customer data, your custom-built strategy maps where calls will go, giving you a clear picture of communications. And all results are recorded and added to the comprehensive data for easy adjustments.


Automated or Live, Quality is the Top Priority

Automated customer service is more than robotic auto-dialing. Live agents are more than uninformed phone operators. Sophisticated automated calls and highly-trained live agents find the right way to reach the right person.

Your brand must stay connected and stay competitive. Discover the solution or combination of solutions that suit your needs and keep customers happy. If you have questions about automation and live agents, we can help develop a strategy that gets results.

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