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Rely on Radius GS as a virtual contact center for your organization

Your customers are important to you and therefore, they are important to us. We offer omnichannel contact center services to effectively deliver the best possible customer experience. Our kind and knowledgeable call center staff is trained to handle any level and type of customer contact to support your business.

Personalized Customer Contact Center

Radius offers a variety of contact center outsourcing services that perfectly fit your organization. We implement a personalized program to help improve customer satisfaction, manage data services, and gain valuable consumer insights.

Professional Customer Service Team

Our multichannel customer service team will help your business handle inbound and outbound customer calls, chat, email, video and SMS through secure channels. We are always ready to provide a positive customer experience through dispute management, service cancellation process, appointment scheduling, renewals, and other valuable services.

Sales & Market Research

We can nurture your leads into legit opportunities. Our customer service experts use data to prioritize the leads most likely to convert and follow-up with the right messages through the right channels. Using thorough research tools and proven methods to gather crucial data, we extract valuable customer insights that lead to smarter decision making.

Data Services

Radius GS can handle your company’s data services and give your internal team more time to focus on their roles and responsibilities. Our highly-trained teams can handle data entry, document scanning, and content moderation. Our data services also include quality assurance, file editing, billing processing, and more.

Accurate & Compliant

We process more than a million transactions each month and use that experience and data to create accurate results. We monitor customer interactions and provide feedback to help your contact center operations run smoothly. Every expert on the Radius team will always ensure your processes are compliant and effective.

Case Study: Hospitality Contact Center Services

Learn how we built the customer experience for our international reservation service company client to provide quality, personalized responses to diners by offering an improved real-time reservation system.

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