Scaling Customer Service Without Sacrificing Experience
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How to Effectively Scale Your Customer Support

Customer service is a critical element for any business in its efforts to grow sustainably. McKinsey research shows that improving customer service efforts can increase sales revenue by 2-7% and profitability by 1-2%.

The quality of customer service often defines the overall customer experience. And delivering positive customer experiences will ultimately improve customer loyalty and retention.

As your business scales, the need for efficient and effective customer service increases as well. But scaling your customer service team without sacrificing the customer experience poses a challenge that many organizations face.

At Radius Global Solutions, scalable customer support is our specialty. Read on to discover proven tactics that your business can use to scale your customer service efforts.


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4 Ways to Scale Your Customer Service Team

As we mentioned above, customer experience (CX) is an essential element of delivering scalable customer service. The customer experience defines everything your organization does to put customers first in their buyer journey – from marketing to sales to customer service and everywhere in between.

According to Qualtrics research, companies that lead in customer experience outperform the competition by nearly 80%. But how do you keep up with increased customer inquiries while maintaining quality support?

The key is finding a way to provide the same high level of customer experience even as your business handles more inquiries. The 4 solutions we’ll discuss to help you achieve this balance are:

  • Improving your customer service processes
  • Using AI chatbots for common questions
  • Outsourcing your contact center operations
  • Tracking progress with customer surveys

With these 4 strategies in your arsenal, you can provide even better customer service than ever. Read on to learn more:


Tip #1: Use AI Chatbots for Straightforward Requests

AI customer service chatbots are ideal for answering routine questions that drain a lot of customer support time. As a result, your agents’ time is more open for handling complex customer inquiries.

44% of consumers say they would be interested in using chatbots to search for product information before they make purchase decisions. These chatbots can instantly answer a wide variety of questions and provide automated responses that satisfy customers’ demands.

Here are just a handful of questions that your customer support chatbot can be trained to answer:

  • What are your hours of operation?
  • Where is your business located?
  • What is your return policy?
  • Who do I contact for billing questions?
  • What products/services do you provide?

Learn more by meeting our chatbot, RIVA (Radius Interactive Virtual Assistant):



Tip #2: Improve Your Customer Service Processes

A well-designed workflow can help you scale customer service while maintaining a high customer experience. At Radius, we recommend taking an omnichannel approach. That way, your business can provide a seamless customer experience across all platforms. Not to mention that customers will be grateful for the flexibility of being able to contact your business via the channel of their choice.

A good workflow and training can help your agents move swiftly through extensive customer queries. For example, our proprietary dynamic call decision-tree application, Radius Navigator, was developed to guide our agents through every step of a call. This application helps streamline training, ensures consistent responses, and keeps calls moving forward more efficiently.

Additionally, efficient routing and queue management can help keep wait times to a minimum. For example, many businesses offer self-service options like AI chatbots or online portals for common queries or issues. This allows customers to resolve their problems without waiting on hold indefinitely.


Tip #3: Outsource Your Call Center Operations

A trusted call center outsourcing partner can help businesses reduce the burden on internal support staff. It’s a great way to scale up your customer service while elevating the customer experience. Outsourcing can also offer 24/7 service, multilingual customer support, and coverage across different time zones.

However, it’s important to select a partner with a proven track record of delivering quality customer service. This can also help you free up internal resources, allowing you to focus on core business operations.

Concerned about maintaining compliance with an outsourced provider? At Radius, we utilize CollaborationRoom.AI on all remote agents’ computers:



Tip #4: Track Progress with Customer Surveys

Now that you’ve implemented these strategies, how can you tell if your efforts are successful? Ask the people who are receiving support: your customers. Requesting feedback is a great way to continuously improve your services while demonstrating that your business cares about delivering more and more value to your customers.

Businesses can use different channels to collect customer feedback, such as:

  • Surveys
  • Social media platforms
  • Online reviews
  • Emails
  • Chatbots

It’s crucial to collect feedback regularly and build action plans to improve the customer experience. You can also leverage this feedback to identify agents who need additional training and monitor individual performance. As a result, you can ensure that your team is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Keep Customers Happy with Scalable Support

Scaling your customer service team without sacrificing customer experience is essential to keep customers happy and loyal. Businesses can employ efficient workflows, partner with a contact center outsourcing partner, leverage AI chatbots, and collect customer feedback to achieve this.

Contact us today to learn more and gain a trusted customer service outsourcing partner!

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