Advanced Revenue Cycle Management

improve the patient experience with revenue cycle management

Proactive Revenue Cycle Management

We help improve the patient experience while managing your financial performance.

The ability to effectively collect patient balances can have an impact on your operations. At Radius Global Solutions, we provide healthcare providers with next generation technology to help revenue cycles run smoothly. Our end-to-end advanced revenue cycle management services lead to overall patient satisfaction and ensures that payments are received in a timely manner.

Improving the Patient Experience

We consistently focus on enhancing the patient experience. That’s why our healthcare revenue cycle management services make patient engagement a priority and their experiences will keep you a step ahead.

High-Quality Healthcare Operations

The revenue cycle begins when a patient confirms an appointment and ends when you receive all applicable payments. We provide services such as patient appointment scheduling, insurance verification, and self pay collections – everything to make that entire process run smoothly.

Optimize Healthcare Reimbursement

We take an innovative approach to the patient experience. Our flexible omnichannel communications improves patient satisfaction and simplifies every step of the revenue cycle. Our revenue-enhancing tools optimize healthcare reimbursement, which minimizes errors and improves the patient experience.

Educating Patients and Managing the Revenue Cycle

Our agents always provide a positive customer experience. We schedule appointments, verify insurance, and provide patient education for processes and procedures. We also offer debt recovery services designed to ensure your healthcare organization is paid on time.

A Dependable Team of Experts

The Radius Global Solutions team is highly trained in healthcare revenue cycle management. When you outsource your revenue cycle to us, you can be sure your patients are in good hands and your organization can focus on your core mission: patient care.

Case Study: Healthcare RCM

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