Retail & Consumer Goods Industry

We Put the Care in Customer Care Services for Retail

Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront

Customers need support and want to interact at their convenience. We understand those behaviors and deliver outsourcing services the retail and consumer goods sectors. 

We know the importance of customer satisfaction, so creating strategies and solutions that focus on positive outcomes is of utmost importance. That prioritization paired with a focus on keeping customer data secure is how we produce positive results throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Radius Interactive Virtual Assistant

Our Customer First Approach

With RIVA, it’s easier than ever for customers to interact, get things done, and reach a resolution. By combining the latest conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies and human intelligence, RIVA lets customers speak naturally, creating an effortless customer experience from start to finish.

Collaborating with Your Team

Representing your brand accurately and with professionalism at every interaction

We take time to understand the top priorities of your business and design solutions to meet those needs. Whether we are analyzing inbound call volumes, indexing customer questions, or providing data to drive decisions, we ensure every customer interaction is appropriate and leads to a successful outcome.

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Retail Contact Center Services

Early and Late Stage Delinquency Management


Radius By the Numbers

The Radius Difference

It is all in the numbers – our work, results, and impact.


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Case Study: Increasing Sales for an Online Retail Company

View a recent case study for our online retail sales client and discover how Radius Global Solutions’ resources helped them accomplish key KPIs.

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