Compliance and Security in Customer Experience
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Are Your Outdated Compliance and Security Practices Killing Your CX?

You think you have a pretty good strategy. You’re building your brand with great customer service, creating customer engagement and trust. Or are you?

According to a survey by AIQ, data security and privacy were consumers’ top priorities. 55% of those surveyed rated “protects my data” as “very important” (90 or higher on a 0-100 scale) — more than any other characteristic of a brand. At a close second, “respects my privacy” was also deemed “very important” by 45% of respondents.

In addition, in 2020, the pandemic changed how call center agents worked. Most businesses still have at least some remote call center agents, but customers’ data still needs protection. If you’re simply addressing compliance and security the way you always have, then you are not providing great CX.


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At Radius Global Solutions, we ensure our contact center agents are equipped with the latest customer service technologies. This helps ensure compliance, security, and overall great customer experiences (but more on that in a moment).

Remember, 1 in 3 consumers will leave a company they love after just one bad experience. So, how do you know if your compliance and data protection practices could use an update?


Reason 1: You don’t have an information security policy in place.

An information security policy is a document that outlines an organization’s approach to protecting its electronic information. Your employees need a framework to follow when handling sensitive data. It protects both your customers and your business.

Ensure your organization’s compliance and data security by looping in the right team members. Consult with your legal department on current laws. Work with your IT department to identify which technologies and procedures will need to be implemented. Make sure that every employee is aware of their responsibilities under the policy.


Reason 2: Your agents have an outdated call center compliance checklist.

Undoubtedly, you have a great information security policy in place. And your agents even have a checklist of dos and don’ts they know they must follow.

But it’s not enough to distribute a checklist to your agents and then forget it.

Laws and regulations are constantly changing. So are cyber threats. Even if you have a checklist, you need to make sure it is continually kept up to date.


Reason 3: You don’t have enough transparency between call center agents and supervisors.

We all know that remote work can be a challenge for any team. But the dangers of keeping customer data safe at multiple home workstations can make it even more challenging.

Even if you’re certain that supervisors and agents are staying in touch during the workday, that isn’t enough to mitigate compliance risks. For example, can your supervisors tell when a cell phone is on an agent’s desk? Or when an unauthorized person is looking at an agent’s computer? Or what your agent is doing while online?

Enabling your supervisors to keep close tabs on remote employees during their day-to-day tasks gives your agents the work flexibility they need without sacrificing compliance.



Utilize Compliance Technology to Strengthen Data Security

Admittedly, it’s difficult to make sure all these measures are followed and kept up to date!

However, implementing compliance technology as a part of your CX strategy can automate the process. CX software platforms can enhance data security, improve communication between call center agents and supervisors, and seamlessly mitigate risk for both your customers and your business. And there are many CX software platforms to choose from.

At Radius Global Solutions, we equip all our remote agents’ computers with CollaborationRoom.AI. Unlike other platforms, this cutting-edge tool allows our supervisors to see the agents and their computer screens as they work, detect if a cell phone is on an agent’s desk, and alert supervisors if an unauthorized person is looking at their computer.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing there is full transparency with virtual agents’ activities online. And not only are industry compliance standards being met, but their customer’s data is safe.


Protect Data and Retain Customers With Radius Global Solutions

Employing constant vigilance to ensure the safety of your customer’s data can be daunting, and compliance technology may be beyond your current budget. Discover how Radius Global Solutions and their partnership with CollaborationRoom.AI can save you time, money — and provide your clients with the data protection they deserve. Reach out to us today!

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