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How Do I Find The Right Business Process Outsourcing Partner

Understand your goals. Know your options. 

Are you seeing results? For modern businesses to grow and succeed, help is needed from outside the office. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provides a workforce dedicated to customer service, allowing you and your in-house employees to focus on growing the business and extending your brand. BPO solutions come in all shapes and sizes, and before partnering with a provider, know your goals, your expectations, and your options, because you’re not just finding a service, you’re adding a new member to your team.

What Should You Look For In A BPO?

Whether you want to grow your entire business or isolate and attack specific challenges, the first step is to identify your goals. For some businesses, those goals include reducing costs and improving sales. For others, it’s enhancing customer engagement and boosting debt recovery. Whatever the challenge, the right partner will develop an effective customer journey and in doing so increase your profits, reduce costs, and expand your business.

Sales, customer service, account recovery, and more can be managed outside the office, freeing up resources and time and giving your business the flexibility needed to stay competitive.

You know what you need. Now it’s time to get it.


What To Ask A BPO Partner

Your BPO partner will represent you and your brand. Just as you carefully evaluate potential employees during the hiring process, take time to find a partner that not only understands customer service but understands your mission. Ask important questions such as:

  • Have they assisted similar businesses?
  • Do they have experience with similar customers?
  • Do they offer more than someone who answers phones?
  • How do they measure success?

You’re looking for a proven team member — one that has the necessary professional background and technological insight to improve your business.

Customer service has come a long way since the days of picking up a phone and cold calling. Effective modern customer service is based on comprehensive analytical data and detailed customer profiles, which is why your partner must be well-versed in data collection and be able to build strategies framed by data.

They must also stay informed on current trends in the industry, from omnichannel communication (phone, email, text and more) to the best practices for effective customer engagement. The ideal partner is an expert in their field, able to guide you and your business through modern communication options.

Compliance is as important as technology. How you connect with customers is scrutinized and well-regulated. Your BPO partner must not only have a full understanding of compliance issues but be aware of any updated requirements. See how Radius Global Solutions develops strategies that are effective and compliant.

Your outsourcing partner must be equipped to handle your customers, your technology, and your compliance issues.


Working Together To Improve Business Operations

Your customer service process must be tailored to fit your business. You need a collaborator who will study your business and create effective communication strategies built around detailed customer data. What works for one business may not work for all, so your customer service tactics will be unique and able to adapt quickly if needed, keeping you ahead of the competition. For instance, strong collaboration and business insight shaped a membership strategy for a national health club. Your partner works with you, not just for you.

A quality partner understands your time is valuable. Be as involved with the service as needed. If you’re looking to delegate responsibility or are interested in collaborating closely, your partner should work with you to create convenient workflows and accessible, measurable results that shape your path to success.

Your communication strategy should also be focused on growth. Make sure outsourcing services provide flexibility for expansion and swift scalability,, allowing you to add resources and adapt when it matters most. Discuss where you’d like your business to be in five, ten, and twenty years. And discover options you may not know existed.

You and your BPO service provider are creating a long-lasting partnership built on success and looking toward the future.


Meet Your New BPO Team

Outsourcing provides solutions that give your business control and agility to tackle modern challenges. The right partner adds value to your business, aligns with your mission, and guides your growth. Ask the right questions. Make the right choice. Start your relationship with Radius Global Solutions today.

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