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Regarding Regulations

Our expert teams deliver outsourcing services designed for companies in the healthcare field. Knowing that healthcare is highly regulated and transformative, our solutions are tailored to help you meet the challenges of compliance and revenue management.

The Radius Difference by The Numbers

It is more about what we’ve done than what we say we do. Let these numbers tell you more.
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Of the Largest

Healthcare companies in the US are our clients.



Recovered in a month in healthcare receivables.

Customized Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

With extensive experience working with companies in healthcare related fields, we have refined our solutions to truly meet the needs found within the field.
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Early Stage Delinquency

Based on historical payment and behavioral patterns, we use predictive analytics to determine the best opportunities to intervene and assist your customers in meeting their payment obligations. Our experts communicate and educate with empathy while resolving delinquencies quickly and efficiently.

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Account Recovery

Account recovery of bad debts is our specialty. Through an individual client accounts receivable analysis, we extract an understanding of what needs to be done and how we need to do it. Our debt collection services offer professional and ethical solutions that are effective and compliant.