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Prioritizing Positive Patient Experiences in Healthcare

Professional interactions, regulatory compliance, and appointment scheduling

When compliance, professional patient engagement, and revenue cycle management really matter, Radius Global Solutions is there to deliver. Our strategically designed patient experience workflows and BPO healthcare services focus on adhering to HIPAA compliance standards within a regulated, transformative industry.

From outsourced appointment scheduling to healthcare revenue cycle management, the value we bring to your organization is beyond business intelligence and patient satisfaction.

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Data Security for Remote Call Center Agents

Contact Center Technology that Works for You

At Radius, CollaborationRoom.AI is installed on all remote agents’ computers. The software allows our leadership team to keep tabs on remote employees as they interact with your customers. This has proven effective in our efforts to deliver flexible customer service without sacrificing data security.

Customized RCM Services for the Medical Field

With experience in the industry, we know what works

From years of experience working with our healthcare clients, we refined our approach to the healthcare industry to offer services that truly meet the demands. Our inbound and outbound revenue cycle management services offer appointment scheduling, medical bill reminders, and satisfaction surveys.

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Contact Center Services

Using business intelligence and data, our contact center services offer an omni channel customer experience that communicates through chatbots, automated agents, and our trained representatives. We leverage technologies such as our cloud-based telecom platform and Radius Navigator so agents are always informed and have the resources they need at their fingertips. In addition, we keep patient information secure and ensure HIPAA compliance.

Early and Late Stage Medical Bill Delinquency Management

Through an individual client accounts receivable analysis, we extract an understanding of what needs to be done. We devise a strategy and implement a solution to ensure accounts are updated and patients understand their obligations. We apply business intelligence and offer professional, ethical, and compliant solutions within the healthcare industry – and we get positive results.

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