Choosing the Right Customer Engagement Channels
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Executing an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategy

No matter what age your customers are, they’re looking for an experience with your brand that’s both convenient and seamless. Even if your target audience is currently a Baby Boomer or Gen Xer, that will change in the next decade. Is your business ready to meet their needs?

By focusing on community and social engagement, interactive online communities may become integral to customer engagement, fostering brand loyalty and advocacy through shared experiences and peer-to-peer support among all age groups.

Understanding customer engagement strategies and leveraging the right digital channels will help keep your company ahead of the curve. Radius Global Solutions uses customer data and real-time analytics to track behavior and adjust engagement strategies accordingly. That way, even when your audience changes, you’ll have the resources in place to change along with them.

Here’s how you can identify the right channels to boost customer engagement:


Consumer Preferences Differ by Age

When discussing customer preferences, it’s important to note that they will vary depending on age. There are four primary generations that currently have spending power:

digital service channels preferred by generation

It may not be surprising that older consumers prefer traditional contact methods while younger generations would rather use modern communication channels. Gen Zers grew up using these channels while Baby Boomers did not.

But do you understand the subtle nuances between these four groups? Let’s review them now.


Baby Boomers: born between 1946-1964

Baby Boomers typically have high expectations. They want quick solutions to their problems and to be treated with respect. It’s important to them that their time is valued. Due to this, they expect 24/7 customer support and any issues solved in their first interaction.

Although they may reach out via digital channels, their preferred mode of communication is by phone. Again, Baby Boomers did not grow up with modern channels like live chat and social media. So, they are generally less likely to use these options to reach out to your brand.


Generation X: Born Between 1965-1980

Since Gen Xers grew up in a time of rapid technological advancement, they respond to both digital and traditional communication. They didn’t grow up with the Internet, but they often aren’t intimidated by it.

Preferences for this generation vary, but they often reach out using live chat or SMS. They value having options to contact your business using the channel of their choice. They expect a good portion of the information they’re seeking to be readily available on your website. Gen X is also more likely to leave an online review than Baby Boomers.


Millennials: Born Between 1981-1996

With Millennials growing up with the Internet in their homes, this generation is very comfortable with communicating via digital channels. In many cases, this is also their preference.

Millennials are well-versed in the realm of live chat, social media customer service, SMS, and more. They are more independent than their predecessors, often opting for self-service rather than picking up the phone. They want efficient, personalized service via their preferred channel.



Generation Z: Born Between 1997-2012

Gen Zers are the first generation to not know life without the Internet. Holistic customer service is essential for this group. If your brand doesn’t provide multiple customer support options, Gen Zers may opt to choose a competitor that does.

Like Millennials, they’re fluent in all types of digital communication. They expect fast, friendly service from customer experience experts who genuinely care. If you provide a poor experience, Gen Zers will not hesitate to publicly call out your brand on social media or leave a scathing review.


Providing Quality Digital Customer Engagement

When deciding which customer contact channels to incorporate into your operations, take a deep dive into your existing customers. Which generation makes up the majority of your customer base? Are these the individuals you want to target moving forward?

Beyond established tools like social media and CRM platforms, innovative customer engagement strategies are emerging. These include leveraging conversational AI for personalized interactions through chatbots and virtual assistants. And exploring immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) to create unique and engaging customer experiences. These advancements are shaping the future of customer engagement, fostering deeper connections, and enhancing brand loyalty.

Even if Millennials and Generation Z are not your priority, their spending power will only increase in the next decade. Make sure your business is ready to serve this audience by integrating modern communication technologies now.

At Radius , our customer engagement specialists will help you provide customer service across the right channels. We keep track of consumer trends and ensure our technology meets the ever-changing needs of your customers. We offer:

  • Self-help web portals
  • Live chat
  • IVR email
  • SMS
  • Traditional phone


Grow Your Business with Omnichannel Customer Care

Consumer behavior in digital engagement is constantly evolving, with a growing emphasis on personalization, seamless omnichannel experiences, and a focus on convenience and security. Customers expect businesses to understand their individual needs and preferences. And they desire smooth transitions between online and offline interactions while prioritizing secure data handling and easy access to information and support.

No matter how old or young your customers are, Radius Global Solutions will help you determine their preferred digital channels. Our multi-channel customer care technology can be scaled as needed to ensure your customers’ needs are always met.

Reach out to our team today to find out how a customer contact center can help grow your business.

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