The Evolution of Human Interaction

We are a leading provider of Digitally Integrated Customer Engagement Solutions

Customer Lifecycle Management

Redefining Contact Center Outsourcing Services

As a leading provider of digitally integrated customer engagement services, we go beyond BPO services. Our team delivers enhanced, more personalized customer experiences aimed at interacting with customers through their preferred communication channels. We apply our proven technology to customize each approach and use data to drive decisions.

Advanced Customer Experience Management

Radius offers customer engagement strategies to drive better results and build relationships:

Multi Channel Customer Service

Our primary focus is on offering the best and most successful customer experiences through our multi-channel approach to customer service. We use data to inform our strategies and our trained representatives know how to navigate any customer situation. Radius Customer Service solutions include:

Sales & Market Research

Radius is not just about taking action. We are also about making data-informed, intelligent decisions that lead to strategically planned customer experiences. For every client, we sift through data, always seeking ways to improve and innovate and deliver the best possible service. Our sales and market research includes:

Customer Data Management

We offer data management services and backend support that informs customer interactions and provides organization throughout the customer lifecycle. Some of our data services include:

Debt Management

We work with healthcare, telecom, utilities, retail, transportation, and other industries to ensure timely payments are received. We are experts at early-stage delinquency management, healthcare revenue cycles, and debt collection services. In addition, we offer:

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Radius Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Our Customer First Approach

With RIVA, it’s easier than ever for customers to interact, get things done, and reach a resolution. By combining the latest conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies and human intelligence, RIVA lets customers speak naturally, creating an effortless customer experience from start to finish.

Radius Navigator

Our Proprietary Customer Engagement Roadmap

Radius Navigator is a proprietary application derived from years of customer care experience. It’s installed on each agent’s computer to help them navigate customer calls and appropriately respond to all possible scenarios in real-time. 

The application has step-by-step instructions for ensuring compliance, quality, and performance with a focus on improving the customer experience. It’s customizable based on client standards, unique systems, performance standards, and internal best practices. 

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The Radius Global Solutions Difference
From our people to our technology, we approach the customer experience differently. We leverage our years of experience and extensive data analytics to make intelligent, informed decisions that benefit our clients and get results.
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We Invest In People
We invest in people and our communities. By enabling the most talented people with training, technology, and the best working environment, we can exceed our client’s expectations and be responsible members of our communities.
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Collaboration & Transparency
Collaboration and transparency are the cornerstones of our relationships with our clients. We will be transparent and adapt quickly to changes. By engaging and communicating, you will be proud to be our partner.
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Partnerships Built On Trust
Radius Global Solutions will help you to meet your operational and financial objectives while maintaining the trust we built as partners. We will always accurately and honestly represent your brand during every single customer interaction.
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Industry Expertise
We have it all: An experienced management team that built one of the largest Customer Engagement firms in the world with a modern infrastructure that is designed for success in today’s rapidly changing environment.

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