How Call Center Technology Boosts Customer Experiences
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Is Your Customer Contact Center’s Technology Up to Speed?

Delivering memorable customer experiences is no longer just about hiring the right call center representatives. Today’s world abounds with rapid technological advancements, and customer expectations are evolving just as quickly. Does your call center have what it takes to keep up? Or, better yet, to get ahead of the competition?

At Radius Global Solutions, we equip our contact center agents with the latest customer service technologies. By leveraging our resources, your business can streamline customer interactions and improve operational efficiencies while remaining compliant with industry standards.

Read on to learn more about the customer service technologies our team uses to help our customers reach their goals.


Radius Interactive Virtual Assistant

The importance of omni-channel customer service cannot be overstated. Offering only phone and email communication for customer inquiries is a disadvantage to your business. One that could be driving existing and potential customers away – and not to mention overworking your staff.

Think about how much time your employees spend answering questions about your office hours, where you’re located, and what services you provide. These types of inquiries can be handled much more quickly by an automated live chat or even an FAQ page on your website.

Additionally, according to IBM, chatbots can save businesses as much as 30% on customer support costs. When a chatbot is handling a large portion of your customer care operations by answering simple questions, your business can hire less support staff.

Radius Intelligent Virtual Assistant (RIVA) is our live chat technology powered by conversational artificial intelligence, automation technologies, and human intelligence. RIVA allows customers to speak naturally as if they’re having a conversation with a human being. If a customer requires additional assistance, they can be seamlessly transferred to a live agent.

Our virtual assistant technology has many advantages for your business, including:

  • Shorter customer wait times
  • Added flexibility for employees and customers
  • Increased call capacity
  • Streamlined customer service
  • 24/7 service

With more modern customer service channels, your clientele can enjoy faster response times and increased flexibility overall.


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Customer Engagement Roadmap Technology

Effectively navigating customer calls is an essential part of any call center’s operations. With outsourced support agents speaking to your customers on a daily basis and representing your company, you want to ensure that they’re saying the right things.

How do you know that your call center is using the right language to describe your products or services? How are the agents responding to unhappy customers? Consistency is key to avoiding confusion – both internally and amongst your client base.

At Radius, we extensively train our agents to respond to a variety of customer inquiries and conflicts. Each agent has our proprietary customer engagement roadmap application, Radius Navigator, installed on their computers.

This application is used during customer interactions to help agents appropriately respond to any given scenario in real-time. Correct responses can be customized based on your individual company’s performance standards, unique systems, and best practices.

By partnering with Radius Global Solutions, you can meet your customers’ needs while staying consistent with business standards.


Compliance Technology for Remote Agents

Since 2020, working from home has become more commonplace in all industries. And contact centers are no different. Since many call center agents are still working remotely, business owners may have concerns about protecting their customers’ data.

This is a concern that our team takes seriously. Watch the video below to learn about the compliance technology we use to help keep customer data safe:

At Radius, we utilize CollaborationRoom.AI on all remote agents’ computers. This tool allows our supervisors to see the agents and their computer screens as they work throughout the day. The tool also can detect whether a cell phone is on an agent’s desk and alert supervisors if an unauthorized person is looking at their computer.

With this compliance technology installed on our customer service teams’ computers, your business can see several benefits:

  • Enhanced data security
  • Full transparency about our virtual agents’ activities online
  • Improved communication between call center agents and supervisors
  • Assurance that industry compliance standards are being met

Keeping tabs on remote employees while they carry out their day-to-day tasks has proven effective in our efforts to deliver flexible customer service without sacrificing compliance.


Customer Data Analytics

63% of consumers expect personalization from the companies they work with. If you aren’t collecting customer data and using it to deliver personalized experiences, it will be more difficult to attract and maintain customers.

Having the call center technology to securely collect and analyze customer data will give your business a better understanding of what you’re doing well and what you can improve. Are you offering the best support channels for your customers’ needs? Do you respond to their needs quickly enough? Are you missing any expected products or services?

Collecting data can provide in-depth answers to questions you have about your customers. Consumer data informs all of our decisions at Radius. Our team knows how to analyze customer data and translate it into actionable insights that improve your bottom line.


Elevate Your Call Center Technologies

At Radius Global Solutions, our mission is to help you exceed your customers’ expectations within a highly collaborative and secure environment. We accomplish this by empowering our contact center with the latest technologies designed to deliver consistent, compliant customer experiences.

Ready to launch your business into the future by leveraging our call center technologies? Contact us today to learn more and partner with our tech-driven team.

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