How Data Tracking Boosts Debt Collection Processes
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Harness data tracking to enhance debt recovery processes

Tracking down customers who have past-due invoices is a challenge that many companies face. It’s time-consuming, it can involve unpleasant conversations with customers, and following up with debtors can be a complex process. However, proactively collecting customer data plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Having comprehensive and accurate clientele information will allow your business to quickly follow up on pending invoices, reducing the risk of delayed or missed payments.

Effective data tracking can reveal trends and patterns, helping your business forecast and manage cash flow with precision. This also helps to improve the customer experience as personalized messages can encourage debtors to pay more promptly.

Read on to discover how Radius Global Solutions’ innovative approach to data management transformed debt collection processes for a leading diagnostic testing provider.


The downfalls of incomplete customer data

Our client offers vital diagnostic testing services for pharmacies, medical offices, and educational facilities. During the pandemic, they provided quick and accurate COVID-19 testing.

However, customer data needed for testing reimbursement was not always collected. This led to a significant backlog of past-due invoices.

As a result, our client’s in-house team spent hours sifting through various sources to build a clear picture of who owed money and how to contact them. Their team reached out to physicians’ offices, laboratories, pharmacies, and other organizations along the way. This process was labor-intensive, time-consuming, and inefficient.

Faced with piles of unreimbursed bills and insufficient resources to track customers down, the client reached out to Radius for assistance in organizing all of the data.


Efficiently managing missing customer data

With such a large quantity of past-due invoices to work through, Radius got right to work. Our teams deployed a tailored solution to tackle the client’s data disparity:

  • Access to all relevant websites was granted to conduct thorough research.
  • Cases of missing data were efficiently managed with our Contact Manager tool.
  • Additional staff were onboarded to handle the large volume of data. This included both onshore and nearshore teams to provide back office, research, and outreach assistance.

With hundreds of Radius team members working together, we achieved impressive results.


Eliminating debt collection process inefficiencies

Due to our collaborative approach, process inefficiencies were eliminated and the client’s debt recovery procedures were significantly enhanced. The results were compelling:

  1. Training curriculum enhancement: The team’s insights led to the development of a best-practice flow, FAQs, and standard operating procedures. All of these processes helped our client locate missing information.
  2. Improved process management: A systematic approach was introduced to manage cases, mark their status, and track follow-up outreach requirements. These changes resulted in improved case handling and expedited case resolution.
  3. Quality Assurance program implementation: A proactive QA program was established to monitor, evaluate, and provide real-time coaching to agents, thereby enhancing their performance.

These optimized procedures and the implementation of robust data tracking systems markedly improved the effectiveness of our client’s debt collection processes. Moving forward, our client can practice more streamlined account management without exhausting their in-house resources.


Partner with an outsourced debt recovery provider

If your organization needs to collect debts more effectively, it’s time to consider how data tracking can revolutionize your processes. Customers need to be fully informed about what data is being collected and for what purpose.

It’s also critical to implement robust security measures to ensure that this sensitive data is securely stored and protected. By prioritizing ethical data collection practices, your organization can not only streamline its debt recovery processes, but also build long-lasting customer relationships.

When you partner with an outsourced provider like Radius Global Solutions, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources. We’re equipped with back-office support and research teams, as well as highly efficient nearshore and offshore agents.

Our business also takes data security seriously. That’s why we use CollaborationRoom.AI to validate that our practices remain secure and compliant with industry regulations.

Reach out to Radius today to find out how we can take your data tracking and collection processes to the next level!

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