How to Start the Debt Collection Process
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Debt collection is a challenge most businesses aren’t always equipped to tackle. The right strategy not only requires tact, industry knowledge and high-quality customer service, it also requires manpower.

Radius Global Solutions provides the necessary resources for effective collection. It’s never too early to think about effective debt recovery. But it’s often too late. 


The Collection Process Begins with Information

Debt collection is not a guessing game. If you go into the task blindly and try to “wing it,” you’ll lose revenue and customers. Plus, failure to comply with industry regulations and standards will result in costly penalties.

Before you reach out to customers, do your homework. Know the proper channels and approaches. Know your rights. And understand your customer’s needs and behaviors. 

At Radius, we pride ourselves on working within compliance standards to get results. We also rely on detailed customer profiles created to find when, where, and how to best reach your customers.

As an experienced BPO partner, our agents have deep insight into the rights of your business and your customers. We ensure all collections are carried out with integrity.


Know And Respect Your Customers

Aggression is the worst tactic for debt collection. Remain calm. Remain informed. And remain in control. Treating customers with respect not only helps promote debt recovery, but your brand retains loyal customers who feel they’ve been treated fairly. Finding the right tone – a combination of empathetic and pragmatic – is the job of a trained customer service agent.


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The right BPO partner provides skilled agents who know how to connect and engage with your customers. This includes knowing how to contact individuals. To reach modern customers, Radius Global Solutions uses innovative contact centers equipped with omnichannel communications: Phone, email, texts, and more. 

Every customer is an individual. Every approach is different. But all effective strategies begin with respect. 


Establish Your Debt Recovery Goals

Every situation requires tactful strategies tailored to specific customers. Know what you want from each engagement before the process begins. Prior to reaching out to a customer, arm yourself with bargaining power. Ask yourself: What is the most cost-effective way to recover debt? What is the best possible outcome? What are you willing to offer? 

You must also be prepared with a clear path to success. Offer customers straightforward steps to eliminate their debt. Provide well-defined, realistic deadlines and open channels of communication. And document every part of the process. Leave nothing “up in the air” and have a distinct paper trail you and your customers can follow. 

This may seem like a time-consuming process, because it is. Staying active and involved with a debt collection process can be challenging. But falling behind in any area may result in loss of revenue, loss of customers, and loss of potential growth.

If you don’t have the necessary resources in-house to wrangle debts, it’s time to use a proven BPO partner such as Radius Global Solutions.


Manage The Revenue Stream Before It Dries Up

Effective debt recovery requires a balance of industry expertise, customer insight, and proficient communication skills. The process begins with information: Know your rights, your goals, and your customers. Working with an outsourcing partner who understands the collection process gives your business the necessary debt collection resources.

Radius Global Solutions creates tailored strategies to connect your customers with your brand. We understand the importance of compliance and develop solutions specific to your business.

Contact us to learn how our proven process keeps your revenue streams flowing and your customers happy.

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