4 Ways to Enhance Your Customer Call Center
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Driving Success With Your Customer Contact Center

Any successful business must have an established customer engagement strategy. Without one, your support team will be disjointed and deliver subpar, inconsistent service.

Personalized customer service can be a huge differentiator between you and your competitors. And happy customers who feel a connection to your company are less likely to switch companies, leading to a more profitable bottom line.

At Radius Global Solutions, we specialize in fostering long-term customer relationships. If customer satisfaction has been low or if you’re trying to go above and beyond to beat the competition, there are proven steps you can take to improve. Here are 4 steps you can take to enhance your customer care team.


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Step #1: Understand Customer Data

It may sound obvious, but in order to offer amazing customer service, you have to know who your customers are. A great way to accomplish this is to build a customer profile. A customer profile (AKA buyer persona) is a representation of your ideal customers based on real data.

A customer persona includes basic demographic information but also digs deeper into what makes them tick. It hones in on their values, interests, favorite brands, goals, and more. When you understand these elements, it’s easier to communicate with your customers in a way that resonates with them.


example of a customer profile with demographics, defining traits, professional background, personal preferences, psychographics, communication style


You can have as many customer personas as you want, but it helps to start with the 2-3 that embody most of your customer base. That way, you won’t feel overwhelmed trying to understand and cater to 20 different personas. If 2-3 isn’t enough, you can fill in the gaps as needed.

Defining personas also helps your business better understand your customers’ wants, needs, and pain points. When a customer reaches out, your service team will be better equipped to provide the response they’re looking for. You can uncover:

  • How quickly do your customers expect a response from your team?
  • Which contact methods do they use the most? (Phone, text, email, chat, and so on)
  • What are their biggest frustrations?
  • How does your product or service combat their challenges?

Building customer personas will help you develop a more personalized, consistent customer engagement strategy.


Step #2: Regularly Collect Feedback

Understanding how your customers feel about the quality of your service will only help you continuously improve. When you request feedback from your customers, it shows that you care about their needs. Plus, you’re being proactive in your efforts to provide the most value.

There are several effective ways to go about collecting customer feedback, including:

  • Follow-up emails
  • SMS (text) surveys
  • Survey kiosks
  • Post-live chat surveys
  • Automated phone surveys
  • On-site forms

Business owners might be skeptical about this tactic. Many are concerned that they’ll be bombarded with spammy, negative, or nonconstructive comments.

However, by collecting this information, you may notice patterns in the responses. Maybe you’ve been leaving customers on hold for too long. Or maybe your customers feel that they’re being transferred to too many different agents during each call. And those different agents may not communicate with each other, making the customer have to constantly repeat themselves.

While it may be unpleasant to hear, this information can lead to an enhanced customer experience strategy.

Better customer experiences = improved loyalty = increased profits.

At Radius, our specialists can strategically analyze customer feedback to build better experiences and accelerate your business’ growth.



Step #3: Outsource Customer Engagement

You can certainly rely on your internal team to strengthen your customer service strategy. But do you have the time or the resources to effectively implement change? That’s where contact center outsourcing comes in.

Outsourcing your customer contact center is a flexible, scalable solution to your current challenges. By outsourcing with Radius, you won’t have to worry about the additional time and costs associated with onboarding new employees. Not to mention interviewing candidates and paying additional salaries and benefits.

Our team can provide additional support during busy seasons while scaling back when customer requests decline. This helps free up your internal team’s time without sacrificing the speed or quality of service. Not to mention the cost savings.

According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), outsourcing can help businesses reduce 15% of their costs on average. Even though you’d gain the benefits of an increased workforce, you’d save money along the way.


Step #4: Provide Consistent Cross-Channel Customer Service

Establishing omni-channel customer support is critical when it comes to enhancing your customer call center. By offering a variety of support channels, you help both your customers and your staff save valuable time.

Consumers today are transitioning from traditional contact methods (phone, email, etc.) to more modern channels. Instead of needing to reach a physical person when they have a challenge or question, many customers prefer to find a solution on their own.

One caveat to keep in mind is that consistent service across channels is vital. Your organization’s voice and messaging should be the same regardless of the channel your customer chooses.

Research by Aberdeen Group shows that companies that provide consistent service across multiple channels retain 89% of their customers. But, businesses that cannot provide consistent service across channels are only able to retain 33%.

Do you have the resources to deliver consistent service? If not, our team can help you retain more customers by providing cross-channel support.


Discover the Benefits of Customer Call Center Outsourcing

A surefire way to enhance your customer service strategy is to partner with an experienced outsourcing provider. Radius Global Solutions will help you exceed customer expectations while streamlining operations. Contact us today to learn how our proven methods can grow your business.

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