Top Outbound Call Center Tactics For Your CX Strategy
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Voice Tactics to Use for Your Outbound Customer Service Strategy

It’s no secret that creating fantastic customer experiences (CX) involves more than responding to customers when they contact your call center. But just as inbound calls require tactics that create excellent CX, so does your outbound call strategy.

CX is becoming a key competitive area. Consumer spending growth is expected to drop in 2023, and there will be more competition for consumer dollars. Companies that don’t prioritize all aspects of their call strategy and go the extra mile may miss out.

But on the heels of reductions in consumer spending usually comes company budget cuts. Although the majority of CX leaders think their budget will increase in 2023, the predicted economic downturn may prove otherwise. Outbound call center talent is in demand, but agents who possess the right soft skills for the job are becoming harder to find.

Radius Global Solutions agents are specifically trained to provide stellar outbound customer experiences that fit your specific industry. Discover how to step up your outbound customer service with the right planning and tactics.


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Prepare your outbound call strategy

Creating a strong outbound call strategy with actionable tactics may mean the difference between a satisfied customer base and a delighted, steadfast customer base. Due to expected budget cuts, savvy customer service teams will have to do more with less while still proving return on investment (ROI).

But outbound CX voice tactics are the “how.” Before you unleash them, you need to know the “why.” Throwing tactics around without knowing why you are using them won’t work. Before you implement a single action, you need a strategy.

So, how do you go about creating a clear outbound call strategy? Getting started involves 3 important steps:

  1. Identify your goals. What specific goals are you hoping to achieve? Increase the number of appointments made, such as in the healthcare industry? Increase sales?
  2. Choose your target audience. Who are you looking to contact? What messaging will be effective for this audience? Consider conducting a survey with your existing customers to hone in on what they’re looking for.
  3. Clarify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). How will you measure your goals? A few examples of goals to track are average handle time, conversion rate, first call closes, retention rate, etc.

Note that your goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely). “We want to increase customer loyalty” is far too vague. Something like, “We want to increase our customer retention rate by 5% before Q3 2023,” can easily be tracked and isn’t too much of an increase to be unrealistic.

But you shouldn’t make your goals too easy to reach, either. Take a look at your company’s past performance to figure out what a good number to reach for would be. Then, discuss your SMART goals with your teams to align on what success looks like for your company. These goals should serve as your North Star with everyone working towards them collaboratively.


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Prepare your outbound contact center

Getting buy-in from your contact center is another critical step in your outbound CX strategy. If your team isn’t properly trained or doesn’t fully understand what they are looking to accomplish, they won’t perform at their best.

Keep in mind that your call center agents are on the front lines with your customers. They’re the ones deploying the very tactics you have in mind. That’s why it’s imperative to give them everything they need to succeed:

  • Share your overall strategy and explain the KPIs you hope to hit.
  • Make sure to provide regular, real-world training. Don’t just do rehearsals. Have them get on a call with you or listen in on one of their calls and provide coaching.
  • Provide incentives. Broadcast the wins. Offer prizes for great work, healthy competition, and commissions. Make it fun and positive!
  • Make sure your team has all the information they need on the customer they’re calling. Knowledge is power and it will foster a more relaxed, confident manner on the phone.

Radius has decades of experience specializing in outbound CX with expert teams that deliver personalized customer experiences. We focus on positive outcomes and getting results through the best possible approach.


top tactics for great customer experiences


Top 5 tactics for memorable CX

Now that you’ve built your strategy and fully engaged your team, it’s time to talk tactics. Below are 5 suggestions to help streamline the process. But before you use them, make sure they align with your overall customer service strategy.

For example, does your strategy center on surveying your customers? You’ll want to focus on tactics that create engagement and rapport so they respond meaningfully to questions.

If your strategy revolves around identifying and solving customer pain points, you’ll need tactics to gather feedback on what’s causing those issues. Every tactic should have a clear purpose and align with your overall strategy for maximum impact.


#1: Consider implementing a specialized call center technology.


Making sure your agents have the technology that provides the information they need while on a call is key. Staying up to date with the latest technologies will help improve your agents’ confidence – and your customers’ confidence in them.

Equip them with tech that provides them with current offers, upcoming events, product/service descriptions, hours of operation, and any other useful information. This will keep your internal teams aligned and it encourages great CX.


#2: Build a better outbound call list.

When reaching out to potential leads, remember it’s all about quality, not quantity. Make sure your call lists are filled with leads that are not just qualified but have been warmed up with some smart marketing. This increases your chances of getting a positive response.

Also, your call list should include specifics like what products the leads need, where they’re located, the industry they’re in, and how their company is structured. This kind of info is essential because it helps your agents connect on a more personal level.

Knowing about the lead’s background and needs lets your agents tweak their approach for a more personal conversation. This creates a better experience and boosts your chances of turning leads into happy customers.


#3: Collaborate on outbound call scripts.

Scripts can boost consistency across calls, but rehearsed pitches can fall flat. And telling your agents to “stick to the script” can undermine their confidence when they know it’s landing badly with the customer. You need to help your agents without limiting their ability to speak naturally.

A great script is one that cultivates real connections – both with your agents and customers. Bring your team into the scriptwriting process to incorporate their unique voice. Your team should share their ideas and concerns, test drafts, and refine them together. The more team members collaborate on a script, the more effective it will be.


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#4: Work on vocal dynamics.

Don’t take the pitch, tone, and inflection of a speaker for granted. These things can all influence a listener, and be a powerful tactic. Have your team record a few call openings and then listen to them together.

Make adjustments as needed and track progress. Remember to mirror the person on the other side of the phone. For example, if a customer is more chatty, feel free to engage in open conversation. But you don’t want to be overly talkative to a customer who is more quiet and just wants the answer to their question.

Some people naturally speak with more emotion and inflection than others, so certain members of your team may need additional assistance to find that right tone. This not only improves how customers perceive your agents but also builds their confidence in your brand as a whole.


#5: Engage your customer during outbound calls.

Make sure your team knows how to create a great first impression by referring to the customer by name. Naturally using your customer’s name throughout the conversation creates a more personal, human-to-human connection instead of a detached service call.

Your call center agents should make the customer feel valued, be respectful of their time, and not make promises they can’t keep. Above all, have them place the customer experience at the center of all outbound calls rather than just trying to make a sale.


Create Great Customer Experiences with an Outbound Call Center

Investing in great CX and aligning your teams takes time. If you’re short on bandwidth and time, Radius Global Solutions can help. Our outbound call center agents have the knowledge and expertise to help you provide reliable, consistent, and excellent customer experiences.

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