The Importance of Consistent Customer Engagement
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The Key to a Successful Customer Engagement Strategy

Every successful business has a customer engagement strategy. This is a strategy to build strong customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction. Without one, your customers will feel as though they are not a priority. Customers who don’t feel valued by a company are unlikely to purchase from them again.

Customer expectations have shifted dramatically as a result of 2020. They’re looking for a real connection with your brand rather than a purely transactional relationship. That’s why focusing on positive customer experiences is so vital for growing your business.

Your customers don’t just want excellent service. They want excellent service every single time they reach out to you. 1 in 3 consumers will leave a company they love after just one bad experience. After two or three negative interactions, 92% of your customers will leave.

If you can’t afford to lose 92% of your customers, you cannot afford to deliver inconsistent customer experiences. At Radius Global Solutions, our agents receive extensive training to ensure all of your customer interactions are consistently positive. But why is consistency so powerful in your customer engagement efforts?


#1: Keeps you and your team on the same page

Successful businesses have clear values and standards that are communicated consistently between members of their teams. If your values or brand messaging changes as your business grows, it’s important to have a process in place to keep your team updated.


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Team alignment is critical for any business looking to drive sustainable growth. As your organization continues to grow and hire employees, consistent communication will help you avoid misunderstandings across teams.

Ensuring teams across your organization are in sync will help you achieve your mission and impress your customers. As a leader in your industry, it’s up to you and other higher-ups to guide your employees in the right direction.


#2: Avoid confusion amongst your customers

Imagine calling your favorite business to ask a question about their new product or service. You get transferred several times and are given multiple different answers to your simple question.

Think about how frustrating this would be. If every member of your team can’t provide a consistent response, how can you expect your customers to understand what you’re offering?

When your marketing, sales, and customer care teams aren’t aligned, your customers will be left confused. They’ll be left with more questions than answers after every interaction. What products and services should they purchase from you? What exclusive deals can they expect?

If a product isn’t working as intended, does your customer support team know how to offer a solution? Can they explain the details of a warranty or money-back guarantee with confidence? You cannot lose your customers at any stage of the sales cycle. Any friction caused as you attempt to attract both new and repeat customers will significantly decrease your success.

Radius Global Solutions has decades of experience specializing in consistent customer engagement across platforms. We use leading-edge technology to power our customer contact centers and improve your service.


#3: Gives customers confidence in your brand

81% of customers say that trust impacts their buying decisions. Your business can demonstrate trust by providing accurate information – every single time a customer reaches out.


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A strong and consistent customer experience strategy will reaffirm your customers’ decision to do business with you. If your brand is consistently delivering fast, professional customer care and high-quality products or services, why would any customer think to switch to a competitor?

Consumers are looking for a stress-free experience. Offering omnichannel customer support with quick and accurate responses is your best bet at retaining customers. And when your customers are confident in your business, they’re more likely to share their positive experiences with their peers.

Be mindful that 62% of customers say they will share a negative business experience with others. Remember that bad customer care doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Your customers can and will influence their peers’ buying decisions based on their interactions with your brand.

Building customer confidence starts with ensuring that your customer service team is confident in the information they share. And customer confidence breeds customer loyalty.

Drive Consistent Engagement with Radius Global Solutions

Maintaining consistency across your teams takes time. And when you hire new employees, you’ll need to make sure that they’re aware of your efforts to maintain consistent service. It’s an ongoing process, but the benefits will be well worth it.

Let Radius Global Solutions take on this challenge for you. This way, you don’t have to stress over the level of care your customers receive. You’ll know that our omnichannel customer engagement team has got it covered.

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