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The Challenge

The Client’s sales conversion rate was flat & they needed help improving product sales

As part of the sales process, Agents were required to follow a very scripted sales process to avoid sales exceptions due to improper financial disclosures; however, the heavily scripted process did not support an interactive, conversational engagement between the agents and the customers. In particular, agents were instructed to use specific rebuttals in response to customer objections.

Over a 30-day period, our Quality team, along with our Project Management team, analyzed sales contacts, as well as contacts that were disqualified sales due to script adherence exceptions. With the help of our Analytics team they were able to categorize the contacts to determine the ‘pitch’ and the rebuttal used, and the success rate for each. Key findings included:

  • Customers indicating ‘not interested’ as a general response were not given an opportunity to learn more about the program due to restrictive rebuttal script flow
  • The majority of customer declines were due to incomplete or confusing pricing explanations
  • Rebuttals did not naturally flow in a conversational tone
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The Solution

Create a fluid script allowing for Agent/Customer conversation & education

The teams then worked with agent focus groups to gather additional insights to support the data and determine effective process changes to improve sales conversion rates. Our teams were convinced that the highly-scripted rebuttal process implemented by the client was negatively impacting production metrics by driving call conversions down.

Upon reviewing our findings, the client was approached to establish a control group for a champion/challenger scenario. The control group agents would continue with the current scripted rebuttal process while the agents in the challenger group would be permitted to choose rebuttals based on the conversation and circumstances of the conversation. Agents were allowed to use the pricing rebuttals as well as updated FAQs as necessary to fully educate the customer on the benefits of the program.

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The Results

This more conversational, but still scripted, process gave the agents control of the call and allowed them to focus their effort on education

This quickly led to an increase of sales conversions by the challenger group.

  • Within 60 days of the champ / challenger test, conversion rates that were running flat at 17.5% are now averaging 22%, with a new established goal of 23%.
  • Sales exceptions (not following the script) are still well below the client’s target of 3%.