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Customer Service Strategy and Your Business Reputation

As your brand grows and you strive to attract more customers, maintaining an excellent customer service strategy is essential. While customers have always shared their experiences with businesses amongst their peers, the age of online reviews has made these experiences more public than ever.

In fact, recent studies show that online review interaction is up by 50% from pre-pandemic levels. That’s why delivering quality customer experiences is so vital to remain competitive. Whether your customers talk about your brand online or in person, you’ll want to ensure that the stories they share are positive.

Here’s how bad customer care can negatively impact your business reputation:


Consumers Are More Likely to Share Bad Experiences

Unfortunately, it’s human nature to focus on the negative rather than the positive. And this applies to customer interactions.

For example, imagine having a ten-minute conversation with a customer support representative. They’re able to solve your problem, but they’re rude the entire time. Would you focus on the fact they solved your problem or that they made you feel like an inconvenience?

This is why it is so important to set standards for your customer engagement team and make sure customers are treated with respect. Your agents are a reflection of your company as a whole. Negative interactions have a lot of power in your customers’ perception of you.

If even one customer leaves a bad review on your Google My Business page, this negatively impacts your brand reputation. Here’s how:

  • 88% of people trust online reviews as much as they would trust a recommendation from their best friend.
  • Customers who have just one bad experience are 2-3x more likely to write an angry review.
  • It takes 12 positive reviews to cancel out the impact of just one negative review.

At Radius Global Solutions, we’re in the business of delivering positive customer care. With a customer experience strategy from a proven outsourcing services provider, you can avoid losing customers.



Actively seeking and incorporating customer feedback is crucial for service improvement. It provides invaluable insights into customer satisfaction, identifies areas for improvement, and helps businesses understand evolving preferences. By listening to their customers, businesses can tailor their services to better meet individual needs, ultimately fostering stronger customer relationships and driving growth.

Decreases Customer Acquisition

Would you do business with a company whose reviews are riddled with negative feedback? Most people would not. Based on data from ReviewTrackers, 94% of consumers say that a bad review has convinced them to avoid working with a business.

If your business reputation is poor or difficult to find, your prospects probably won’t choose you above a competitor that has excellent reviews. And if your business has below 4 stars on Google, it’ll be extremely difficult to attract new customers using your reviews.

If your business reputation is poor or difficult to find, your prospects probably won’t choose you above a competitor that has excellent reviews. And if your business has below 4 stars on Google, it’ll be extremely difficult to attract new customers using your reviews.

Your word-of-mouth reputation matters as well. People expect interactions with customer support representatives to be relatively straightforward. That’s why having a full staff of customer engagement specialists is so beneficial.

At Radius Global Solutions, our agents receive extensive training to help your business consistently deliver excellent service. Whether your customers want to reach you via phone call, text, live chat, email, or another digital platform, our agents offer efficient and friendly service.


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Bad Reputation Hurts Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is a key goal for businesses in any industry. If your customers find out that negative experiences are part of a pattern at your organization, they’ll likely look for other options.

It’s very easy for information about your bad reputation to spread. In the age of social media, consumers won’t hesitate to publicly express their annoyance after a negative interaction with your business. Even if you respond to their feedback quickly and professionally, that unflattering story will still be out there for all to see.

According to recent research, a resounding 96% of customers stated they would leave a business for bad service. If your brand is known for delivering poor customer experiences, your customers may choose to leave even if they have never spoken to a member of your team.

Protect your business from building a bad reputation. Radius specializes in building brand integrity and helping to maintain long-term relationships with your customers. Our team can help gauge the loyalty of your customer relationships by using leading-edge alternatives to traditional customer satisfaction research.


We Help Improve Your Business Reputation

Training customer service teams in both empathy and effective problem-solving is crucial for building strong customer relationships. Empathy allows agents to connect emotionally with customers, understand their concerns, and build trust. This fosters a positive interaction, even when dealing with frustrated or dissatisfied customers. 

Effective problem-solving equips agents with the skills to identify the root cause of issues, explore different solutions collaboratively, and reach a resolution that leaves the customer feeling heard, valued, and ultimately, satisfied. This combination of skills empowers customer service teams to deliver exceptional experiences, leading to increased customer loyalty and positive brand perception.

Radius Global Solutions will help build your customer service strategy and improve your brand reputation. We’re in the business of impressing your customers with excellent service and friendly agents. Improve retention and avoid the downfalls of a negative business reputation by partnering with our knowledgeable, experienced team.

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