Customer Engagement Program for a Retailer

Key Results

The Problem

A need for more consistent customer service

Radius provides customer engagement services for a brand management company that hosts several types of membership, clubs, and reward programs for its clients. Their clients include major retailers across the country as well as membership clubs that provide discount services to members.

Our team of agents currently manages interactions for eight private-label retail credit cards. This entails offering card protection to cardholders in case of job loss or other financial hardships as well as providing extensive reporting and file management.

The program consists of more than 40 different products, all requiring individualized training and service-level management. Using a team of universal agents (able to handle any type of inquiry from all brands), Radius has consistently exceeded all service requirements.

The client faced two challenging issues when they came to our team:

  • High level of chargebacks, causing a potential penalty or loss of merchant number. Since many customers may not understand the value of their membership, they often disputed the membership fee. This caused a high number of chargebacks. Our agents met this challenge by clearly explaining the benefits of the program and by offering the customer specific ways to use their membership. This increased program retention and lowered chargebacks to acceptable levels.
  • Inconsistent quality of service. The previous service provider struggled with meeting our client’s quality objectives. The Radius approach to meeting quality targets was to fully respond to customer inquiries and make sure each customer is satisfied. Our agents are trained to listen to the customer and offer solutions that meet their needs.

Our Solution

The Results
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