What to Know When Outsourcing Customer Service
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The Secret to Outsourcing Your Customer Service

When outsourcing your customer service team, choosing the best BPO Service Provider is an important first step. This is the team that will be representing your brand and interacting with your primary source of revenue: your customers.

Making this decision has a direct influence on your bottom line by impacting your customer’s satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. That’s why you need a customer engagement strategy with two key attributes: scalability and flexibility.

Any business hoping to remain competitive in any industry should be able to scale up or down depending on their customers’ needs. Your company’s capacity to be flexible in the face of ever-changing industry trends, current events, and unforeseen circumstances can significantly affect your long-term success. Find out how Radius Global Solutions can help you build a scalable and flexible business.


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The Benefits of Scalable Customer Support

As your business grows and you acquire more customers, your customer support team must grow as well. Otherwise, you run the risk of overwhelming your employees and under-serving your customers. This can lead to high attrition rates and lost revenue.

In fact, 96% of customers will switch to a different company if they receive bad customer service. While this is an extremely high percentage, it shouldn’t be a surprise. If your customers are being placed on hold for several minutes or asked to repeat their story multiple times, they’re likely to get frustrated quickly. Why should they keep spending their money with a business that doesn’t value their time?


statistic of customers willing to switch after a bad experience

That’s why your outsourcing partner must be proficient at delivering an efficient, scalable customer support strategy. They’ll be able to help your team if they’re having trouble keeping up with your customers’ inquiries and consistently delivering a positive experience. Your customers’ irritation about being transferred to multiple agents and waiting on hold for several minutes will become minimal to nonexistent.

Reducing the amount of effort your customers exert to have a single interaction with your business is critical. You don’t want your customers to feel like reaching out to your company is a chore. They have their own busy schedules and stressors in their day-to-day lives, and the added stress of dealing with poor service will only make the situation worse.

Radius Global Solutions’ contact center agents are available for omni-channel customer care. With our customer engagement specialists and integrated communications technologies working in tandem, you’ll have no problem scaling to efficiently respond to your customers’ requests.


Why Your Business Needs Flexible Customer Care

When choosing a BPO services provider, it’s important to gauge their ability to provide flexible customer care options. Can their representatives quickly adapt during customer interactions that don’t go as planned? Do they have proven experience pivoting when a new customer engagement program launch encounters unexpected challenges?

The best customer contact center will offer omni-channel support for your customers to interact with you. They’ll have technologies in place and highly trained agents available to respond to customer requests through multiple outlets.

It’s no longer enough to just have a business phone number and email address. Customers today want and expect the flexibility to interact with your brand using their favorite channel. And if your business doesn’t offer that channel, they won’t have trouble finding one that does.

Omni-channel customer support also allows your customers to get the responses they need as quickly as possible. In our fast-paced, digital world, consumers want quick solutions to their problems. Your competitors know this, and you’ll need to keep up if you want to stay profitable.


The Impact of a Customer Engagement Strategy

70% of consumers in the U.S. say they’ve spent more money with a company that delivers great customer support. This means that just by improving your customer engagement strategy, your customers may decide to spend more with your business than they planned.

Radius Global Solutions’ leading customer contact technologies give your business a competitive edge. Offer your customers the option to reach you in a variety of ways:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Text
  • Radius Intelligent Virtual Assistant (RIVA)
  • Website live chat
  • Video
  • Social media
  • Self-help web portal

With our live agents and leading technological capabilities at your disposal, your customers can enjoy the flexibility of contacting you when and how they choose. This will also free up your in-house employees’ time and allow them to focus on tasks that positively impact your bottom line.


Outsource Your Customer Experience Team

Enhance your customer experience strategy by outsourcing with our experienced BPO team. With our 4,000+ full-time employees, we are available to quickly scale up or down based on the level of support you need.

While providing scalable and flexible service is a challenge for many, it’s one of our greatest strengths. Reach out to Radius Global Solutions today to stay prepared for the future and grow your business.

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