Success Story: Outsourcing for the Telecom Industry
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Top Challenges Facing the Telecommunications Industry

It’s no secret that companies in all industries are facing challenges as a result of economic conditions and ever-increasing client expectations. And the telecommunications industry is no exception.

Some challenges currently facing telecoms include:

  • Growing demand for data services
  • Increasing pressure to reduce costs
  • Need for improved customer service quality
  • Employee retention

Luckily, there is a tried and true solution to these challenges: partnering with an outsourcing provider. But what services can you outsource? How expensive is it to bring on a full call center team?

Read on to discover the benefits of outsourcing your key processes and to learn about a success story from one of our telecom clients.


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Contact Center Outsourcing Services for Telco Companies

Contact center outsourcing helps telecoms stay ahead of the competition through improved scalability, efficiency, and elevated customer experiences. With time-consuming and sometimes tedious tasks being taken off of your team’s plate, outsourcing can also help reduce employee churn.

Telecom companies can outsource tasks such as:

  • Inbound and outbound calls
  • Customer inquiries via multiple channels
  • Billing reminders
  • Customer experience strategies
  • Account management

Looking at the items above, you may be worried that outsourcing services are expensive. But recent Deloitte research revealed that outsourcing your customer service tasks can result in a 30-60% reduction in operational costs.

Additionally, hiring a full outsourced team is much more cost-effective than onboarding, training, and paying the salaries of several new employees. With a proven outsourcing partner, your team can rely on experienced professionals to handle customer-facing responsibilities while reducing costs.



Business Process Outsourcing Benefits for Telecoms

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is also an invaluable tool for telecoms looking to streamline the way they do business.

Did you know that the average worker spends about half of their week completing repetitive tasks? Outsourcing these tasks can take tedious work off of your team’s shoulders, helping to increase job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.

BPO providers also often have cutting-edge resources that telecom companies may not have access to. This allows you to implement modern, cost-saving tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) without needing to invest in each individual technology on your own.

Another major benefit of BPO services is business continuity. Let’s say your power is out and your servers are down, but your customers are trying to reach you. Your BPO provider can help you handle customer inquiries while you work to get things back on track.


Achieving Business Continuity with Outsourcing

Speaking of business continuity, we’d like to share one of our experiences helping our client maintain their operations during a natural disaster.

At Radius, we have a long history of working with the nation’s top utilities and telecommunications companies. Our team makes up about 25% of a Pennsylvania electric company’s call center operations. When a major weather event escalated call volumes, we quickly offered extra support.

Within two weeks, our agents put an outbound calling program in place to help the client meet the notifications required by Pennsylvania. With the program up and running, our client was able to start service disconnections for non-payment.

The resources we’ve offered have allowed our client to ensure business continuity in the event of future disasters.


How to Find a Reliable Outsourcing Partner

There are many outsourcing providers out there with varying areas of expertise. But at Radius Global Solutions, our agents have years of demonstrated experience delivering exceptional results to our telecom clients.

Contact us today to learn more and gain a trusted partner dedicated to your business growth!

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