Ensuring Business Continuity with a Utilities Call Center

Key Results

The Problem

Radius Global Solutions has a long history of working with some of the nation’s top energy and utility companies. We are experienced in handling seasonal fluctuations while delivering quality service with sensitivity and care.

One of our current clients is a Pennsylvania-based electric company. Our team makes up about 25% of their total call center. We not only provide day-to-day support for all call types (collections, move-in/out, billing, outage), but we also offer support during emergencies.

Major weather events can quickly cause escalated call volume as customers report outages and check on restoration time. When this happens, Radius is quick to deliver storm support coverage.

Within a two-hour period, we can extend our call center agents’ shifts to cover a client’s needs. This can mean working weekends and 24/7 coverage. Our agents are eager to help, knowing they are providing quality service to customers when it’s needed the most.

Our Solution

When service disconnections resumed (after an extended moratorium related to the pandemic), Radius put an outbound calling program in place to help the client meet the notifications required by the State of Pennsylvania.

We had the program up and running in two weeks and then shifted our contact center agents to make outbound calls. This process allowed the client to start service disconnections for non-payment.   

During one of our recent annual meetings with this client, they commended us for always being available to help them out, no matter what the challenge.  That’s our goal – to successfully solve our client’s challenges. 

The Results
Project Timeline