Navigating Inbound and Outbound Call Procedures

Key Results

The Problem

A Need for Dynamic Call Flows

Radius provides customer care services to a large northeastern regulated utility. This program involves handling inbound and outbound calls where scripting is very standardized and the call flow is defined.

To better ensure our agents were meeting the needs of both the customer and the client, we implemented our proprietary desktop application, Radius Navigator.

Radius Navigator was developed to aid agents with reference material and guided scripts. This call center technology provides post-training support for both new and experienced agents by integrating current policies and procedures into the agents’ call flows. Radius Navigator is a dynamic call decision-tree application that guides the agent through every step of the call.

The tool contains an all-inclusive set of situations that agents may encounter and provides the appropriate response for each unique call. It is designed to improve compliance, quality, performance, and the customer experience overall.

Agents can also search reference materials for specific scenarios or look up specific procedures. Radius Navigator creates and reinforces patterns of the right behavior and improves upfront training by tracking commonly searched topics and scenarios.

Our Solution

The Results
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