One Client, Three Sites, & A Flexible Solution
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Video Monitoring for Remote Agents

Radius was recently selected to provide video monitoring services to a client that required not only a distinctive skill set for agents but also bilingual capabilities and 24×7 availability. After just six months, we have more than doubled the number of agents and expanded our service offerings across three locations.

Due to the seasonality of the business, there are very pronounced volume fluctuations on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Our client relies on us to execute a flexible staffing model that takes this into account with a team of tech-savvy agents who can not only ensure the integrity of the monitoring service but also provide technical assistance, when needed, by the end user.

Solving The Need For 24/7, Bilingual Customer Support

Initially launched out of our Panama City Customer Engagement Center (CEC), the project was ramped up and fully prepared for its first significant spike in volume. During the November peak, commonly referred to as the “blackout” period, the team consisted of 60 agents providing video monitoring seven days a week. Even though it has only been 6 months, Panama is consistently the top-performing site for our client, which has opened the door for additional services to be provided in our Mumbai, India, and Montego Bay, Jamaica sites.

Our Mumbai CEC currently has a team of 20 agents who review previously conducted monitoring sessions for quality and compliance. This function had never been outsourced and had been handled exclusively in-house by the client. The team also includes an additional 20 staff members who perform live monitoring sessions with end users.

After successful progress in Panama and India, we expanded the program to our Montego Bay CEC.  Montego Bay is now holding live sessions with end users and the staff has now grown to 32. This team has already met our client’s performance targets in the first month of operations.

As you can see, Radius Global Solutions was able to provide a nearshore outsourcing solution that met all of the client’s needs. The company was able to quickly scale up its operations and provide 24/7 bilingual customer service. Radius’s team is able to provide both technical assistance and quality assurance, and the company has a proven track record of success.

This is just another example of how Radius provides a multitude of services around the globe and provides our clients the flexibility they need to expand their outsourcing footprint.


About Radius Global Solutions

Radius Global Solutions is a top-tier provider of Business Process Outsourcing Services and is headquartered in Ambler, PA. Radius specializes in providing customer relationship solutions to major corporations. With a workforce of over 2800 professionals dispersed among twelve service centers (9 U.S., 2 Near-Shore, and 1 Off-Shore), Radius has the infrastructure and experience to support its clients and their customers through multiple channels including phone, email, and chat.

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