How to Navigate Customer Support Trends in 2024
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Anticipating customer service trends in 2024

As 2023 fades into the rearview, it’s clear that it was a transformative year for customer service – driven primarily by advancements in technology. As tech has made incredible strides this past year, customer expectations have evolved along the way.

Google reviews are out in the open and thousands of options are available for any given product or service. Businesses are leveraging AI tools to deliver better service in a fraction of the time that they could before. Automation and personalization are working together to save hours of employees’ time while making customers feel more valued than ever.

So, modern customers won’t hesitate to seek alternatives if your business fails to keep pace with competitors. That’s why navigating the 2024 landscape will require your organization to stay on top of emerging trends and maintain the necessary resources to adapt.

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What customer service trends are poised to shape the marketplace in 2024? How can you use them to your advantage? Read on to find out!


Trend #1: Deliver proactive customer service

In 2024, proactive customer service will shift from a value-add to an expectation. This means that your business will need to anticipate customer needs and resolve issues before the customer is even aware they exist.

Predicting the future may seem like a tall order, but enough businesses have been able to achieve proactive service that it’s become an expectation. Over 50% of consumers will move to another brand if your company continuously fails to anticipate their needs. 78% of customers are also willing to forgive a company’s mistake if they receive excellent service.

This isn’t to say that problems won’t inevitably pop up in the future. However, relying solely on reactive customer service will no longer suffice. With advancements in AI and data analytics, your business can predict customer needs with ease.

Here are some ways you can start offering proactive support:

  • Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze customer behavior and predict their needs
  • Using predictive analytics to analyze historical data and anticipate future inquiries
  • Taking advantage of your customer relationship management (CRM) software to view purchasing history, preferences, and past interactions with your business
  • Providing self-service options, such as FAQs, knowledge bases, and online tutorials
  • Sending automated alerts to keep customers informed about the status of their support ticket or order

Integrating all of these technologies can feel daunting if you’re starting from scratch. Working with a customer contact center like Radius Global Solutions will equip your business with the technologies needed to quickly and accurately solve customer concerns.


Trend #2: AI-powered customer support is here to stay

In 2023, conversations about AI technologies dominated the news cycle. However, in 2024, AI will transition from being a buzzy topic to an integral part of many brands’ customer service strategies.

In fact, 79% of contact center leaders are planning to increase their AI capabilities within the next two years. With all of the benefits that AI customer support can offer, it’s no surprise that so many companies are integrating it into their everyday processes.

AI technologies like chatbots can handle an array of customer queries quickly, accurately, and around the clock. AI can:

  • Drastically cut down response times, helping to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Provide personalized assistance to each customer.
  • Analyze past interactions and preferences to anticipate customer needs. This will aid in your organization’s efforts toward offering proactive customer service.

As the use of AI in customer service expands, so does the need for ethical AI practices. Many individuals are concerned about how their data is being used. That’s why your business must prioritize maintaining high standards of data security and privacy.

At Radius, our AI systems adhere to ethical guidelines, respect user privacy, and use customer data responsibly. Our team can work with you to ensure that your practices are safe and secure.


Trend #3: Empathetic customer support is a priority

Recent research revealed that 64% of US consumers feel that companies have lost touch with the human element of the customer experience. With AI and automation growing in popularity, human touchpoints in your customer interactions will be essential.

Solely relying on AI for customer support will inevitably lead to frustrating customer experiences. AI can handle a variety of automated tasks, but it cannot offer empathetic support.

Employee happiness is a cornerstone of delivering empathetic customer support. This is because happy employees are more likely to have friendly, caring, productive conversations with customers.

Some ways that your business can enhance employee satisfaction include:

  • Regularly acknowledge and appreciate employees’ efforts
  • Encourage employees to learn and grow by offering professional development opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for advancement and regularly discuss career goals during performance reviews
  • Cultivate a company culture that encourages diversity and mutual respect
  • Collect feedback on how you can improve their experience
  • Implement the latest digital tools to streamline processes, making work more efficient

Businesses must realize that their employees are the first point of contact for their customers. So, their satisfaction has a direct impact on customer experiences. With happy employees filling your workplace, offering empathetic customer service will come naturally to your team.


Stay ahead of customer service trends with a contact center

The future of customer service is dynamic and demands businesses to be agile, adaptive, and forward-thinking. Your customers’ needs will continue to evolve with the times, and it’s up to you to be proactive. Otherwise, you risk losing their business.

If you’re looking to stay ahead of consumer trends and use them for your competitive advantage, reach out to Radius Global Solutions. Our omnichannel support technologies and friendly agents are ready to help you navigate customer service trends in 2024, and beyond!

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