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Elite Ambassador Program

How do you ensure that your employees are happy, challenged, and successful? Do you know if they feel as if they are a part of the company/team or “just an employee?” Employees want to excel. They want to be a part of the bigger picture. They want to grow, and they want to know that you care. That’s why Radius implemented our Elite Ambassador Program.

The Elite Ambassador Program was developed to identify and create leaders, boost morale, and to create a culture that fosters learning and growth for our agents.

Agents enrolled in our Elite Ambassador program are taught leadership skills and mentored by current Radius leaders. They may be called upon to represent our company on community outreach opportunities and are active in the Orientation and Onboarding process of new agents.

Our Ambassadors Create a Positive Impact

“It’s important to empower our Ambassadors to create a positive impact. This allows them to learn and grow. Additional support and development is provided through positive reinforcement and recognition,” said Yanique Troupe, Sr. Manager – Operations. “Once the culture is established that there are opportunities for growth and advancement other team members are motivated to seek the same and become true Ambassadors of the Company.”

Radius GS initially launched this program for a large customer care client and has experienced excellent results. The number of Elite Ambassadors associated with this client’s program is expected to more than double in the next quarter. The team as a whole exhibits a cohesiveness and motivation that has led to great success in meeting client expectations. Not only have these individuals surpassed client expectations, but they have also become more involved with the local community and representing us in a positive light.

About Radius Global Solutions

Radius Global Solutions is a top-tier provider of Business Process Outsourcing Services and is headquartered in Ambler, PA. Radius specializes in providing customer relationship solutions to major corporations. With a work force of over 2800 professionals dispersed among twelve service centers (9 U.S., 2 Near-Shore, and 1 Off-Shore), Radius GS has the infrastructure and experience to support its clients and their customers through multiple channels including phone, email, and chat.

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