Building a Lender’s Customer Engagement Program

Key Results

The Problem

Seeking an improved customer engagement strategy

A national online and brick-and-mortar lender primarily focuses on providing personal loans and optional insurance products to customers with limited access to traditional lenders, such as banks and credit card companies.

When searching for a trusted customer engagement provider to reduce costs and deliver more efficient service, they discovered our dedicated team at Radius Global Solutions.

Our Solution

Upgraded outbound and inbound call processes

Our solution included:

  • Answering inbound after-hours office calls
  • Logging into the client’s CRM and making first-party (calling in the client’s name) outbound collection calls to customers 30 days thru 120 days old
  • Fielding inbound collection calls and answering in the client’s name
The Results

An off-shore outsourcing solution

As a result of our efforts, our client was thrilled to see the following improvements:

  • Improved performance and reduced costs by utilizing off-shore labor
  • Able to meet increased full-time equivalent (FTE) demands on short notice
  • Consistently attain monthly performance and service level goals
  • 100% compliant with regulatory policies and client guidelines
  • Higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores compared with industry standards

Looking for a trusted outsourcing provider to elevate and streamline your customer engagement program? Contact our team at Radius to learn more.

Project Timeline