Recover Debts with a Commercial Collections Company
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How to streamline commercial collections processes

Commercial collections are an integral part of the business-to-business (B2B) landscape. But with debt collection processes often being complex and time-consuming, many businesses outsource these tasks to a commercial collections agency.

Essentially, these agencies recover outstanding debts owed by one business to another. Doing so helps ensure the continuity of cash flow and financial health. Not only that but agencies that specialize in collections are uniquely suited to obtain outstanding debts while also delivering high-quality customer service.

At Radius Global Solutions, we offer reliable corporate collections services with a focus on maintaining positive customer experiences. Read on to discover the challenges your business can solve by working with an outsourced collections partner.


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The need for an outsourced commercial collections company

Large corporations often handle millions of dollars worth of accounts. That’s why keeping up with every individual who owes money can be a huge task. Manually following up on each past-due invoice can take countless hours. Without the right resources and communication across teams, oversights are bound to happen.

Businesses commonly face challenges in this domain. These challenges can include:

  • Lack of expertise: Not every business has the in-depth knowledge and understanding of collections laws and regulations, which can lead to potential legal pitfalls if not properly managed.
  • Negative impact on customer experience: Aggressive collection tactics can strain customer experience efforts. Balancing firmness with tact is a skill that may not be inherent in all businesses.
  • Time and resource intensive: The collections process can consume a significant portion of a business’s time and resources, which can be better utilized in core operational areas.
  • Potential for escalating debts: If not managed promptly and effectively, unpaid debts can continue to pile up, leading to larger financial issues down the line.
  • Constraints of international collections: Businesses with international clients face additional challenges like currency exchange, language barriers, and differing laws and regulations.

Overcoming these obstacles requires a balanced approach that effectively recovers debts while preserving relationships. That’s where an outsourced collections company like Radius comes in.


Benefits of working with a corporate collections agency

Outsourcing the commercial collections process to a specialized agency can increase efficiency while reducing the burden on your business. A corporate collections agency has the expertise needed to properly handle debt recovery, boasts industry-specific knowledge, and is well-versed in the collections legal landscape.

Agencies like Radius Global Solutions can offer proprietary technology designed to streamline collections. This makes the entire process faster, more effective, and transparent.

Outsourcing commercial debt collections processes can also significantly reduce overhead costs for businesses. This is because, with an outsourced company, your business can:

  • Eliminate the costs associated with hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house collections team
  • Avoid spending thousands of dollars on expensive collections technologies and software
  • Only pay out-of-pocket when the debt recovery is successful
  • Reduce the amount of bad debt written off
  • Prevent lawsuits as a result of untrained staff breaking complex collections guidelines

Not only can this approach enhance efficiency and effectiveness, but it can also offer substantial cost savings and help your business avoid legal risks. With an outsourced partner, your business can focus on core operations while leaving debt recovery in expert hands.


Types of B2B collections services offered

B2B collections agencies offer a wide range of services tailored to each industry. By working with a specialized agency, businesses can benefit from access to these resources without setting funds aside to invest in them directly. In fact, IBM was able to cut costs by $2 billion after outsourcing some of their business processes.

Corporate collections services can include:

  • Preliminary collection services
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Legal collections
  • International debt collection
  • Skip tracing
  • Negotiating payment plans

Each service is designed with industry-specific considerations in mind. Understanding these services and their unique attributes is essential for businesses seeking a comprehensive, effective, and legally compliant option to recover their outstanding invoices.



Early-stage collections services

Early stage collections is a proactive service designed to manage receivables that are only slightly past due. This approach is typically implemented before an account is deemed significantly delinquent. It involves a series of respectful reminder communications.

The primary goal is to maintain a positive customer experience while efficiently recovering the amount due. Doing so reduces the risk of accounts developing into bad debts, which helps to sustain a healthy cash flow.

By leveraging our proprietary technology, Radius agents can automate and track these early communications. This helps drive a consistent, timely, and effective collection process.


Late-stage collections services

When accounts become delinquent for an extended period of time, more intense collections services may be necessary. This process involves persistent, escalated communications and negotiations with the debtor.

This is where a commercial collections company’s expertise and professionalism come into play. Agencies like Radius are skilled in deploying effective strategies and negotiation tactics to maximize debt recoveries.

While the intensity of the collection process increases, a reputable agency maintains a firm, yet respectful approach. With the right technologies, they can systematically manage and track these accounts, maintaining transparency and upholding legal compliance throughout the process.

In the B2B landscape, late stage collections is an important service designed for the efficient recovery of substantial delinquent debts. Again, fostering positive customer experiences whenever possible remains key to this process.


Legal collections services

Unfortunately, your company may face instances when standard collection practices are insufficient in recovering large or stubbornly delinquent debts. In these cases, the process may escalate to legal collections.

Legal collections entails a series of actions like hiring an attorney, filing a lawsuit, and seeking a judgment for the debt. This is where a corporate collections agency’s deep understanding of relevant laws, regulations, and legal procedures is vital.

They will work with legal professionals to navigate the complexities of the court system, ensuring every action taken aligns with legal compliance. Legal collections actions are only pursued as a last resort. The ultimate aim is to protect the creditor’s rights while also recovering the outstanding debt.


International collections services

In an increasingly globalized business environment, dealing with international debt collection presents its own set of challenges. These complexities stem from differences in:

  • Language
  • Cultural Nuances
  • Time Zones
  • Legal Systems
  • Currency Exchange Rates

A specialized B2B collections agency with a global reach like Radius can significantly simplify this process. Equipped with a thorough understanding of international business practices and laws, our agents are experienced in managing cross-border debts.

Our multilingual customer service agents also ensure clear communication and use advanced technology to effectively manage currency conversions and international legal procedures. An international commercial collections company can help businesses recover their outstanding international debts while maintaining healthy global business relationships.


Resolve outstanding debts with the right partner

Whether your business is dealing with slightly overdue invoices or facing the complexities of international debt recovery, a commercial collections company can help resolve these challenges.

Contact Radius Global Solutions today to find out how we can help enhance your commercial debt collections processes.

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