Third-Party Collections for a National Insurance Carrier

Key Results

The Problem

Need for a dedicated debt collections provider

Our client is a national insurance carrier. They were looking to add a third-party collection vendor to assist with primary and secondary debt collections processes.

The client required a dedicated collection team and customer service representatives. Specific security measures were required with respect to their business and the individuals having access to their data. A separate collection system and a locked, segregated key card entry workspace were also required.

The client required programming on Radius’ side to match their existing codes and workflows in their system.

Our Solution

The Results

A successful debt recovery program

As a result of our efforts, our client enjoyed several improvements to their processes:
  • Successful implementation allowed the client to establish a new second placement program
  • Excellent recovery results and low incident rate allowed the client to further expand the program offsite and begin placing both first and second placements
  • The first 12 months of placements totaled just under $4mm, and the most recent 12 months of placements totaled just over $80mm
  • Identified opportunities with their processes, and implemented changes for a more efficient collection program

At Radius, we specialize in delivering quality debt recovery services to insurance companies. Contact us to learn more and build an efficient debt collections program!

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