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Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management encompasses strategies and new technology to properly manage customer interactions and data through the entire customer lifecycle.

Understanding your customers ensures their satisfaction and improves your bottom-line. Without happy customers, your profits and reputation may be affected. There are many ways to maintain a healthy customer relationship. There are CRM software tools at your disposal but how can you be sure you’re using them properly, and maximizing your success rate?

You can accomplish this by utilizing multiple channels that engage your customers and keep them informed. This could include an up to date business website, email, live chat, telephone or mobile communications, social media and other marketing tools. Of course customer feedback is also vital in regards to customer relationship management.

Part of that relationship cycle also includes collecting debts in a timely manner. RadiusGS provides high quality CRM, helping you to focus more on your business, and not debt recovery.

Our specialists often serve as a customer’s introduction to a client’s brand. And we take that responsibility very seriously.

We understand that strong customer relationships breed customer loyalty, and that loyalty translates into success and profitability for our clients.

And if customer relationships require future debt recovery and collection services, our trained specialists understand how to get results while keeping the integrity of your brand intact.

Our Customer Relationship Cycle Management includes:

  • Product and Service Inquiries
  • Problem Resolution
  • Customer Retention
  • Technical Support
  • Direct Response Mail Programs
  • Win-Back, Cross-Sell, and Up-Sell Programs
  • Peak Volume Management
  • Affinity Partnership Programs

We provide Relationship Management Services to the following industries:

  • Consumer Financial and Retail
  • Government and Education
  • Utilities and Telecommunications
  • Travel and Hospitality

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