Online and Mail-Order Retail Sales

Key Results

The Problem

Our client is a merchant in the Internet and mail-order retail industry.

This company has a national footprint selling a wide range of watches, jewelry, and collectibles with refined design and style. They market their products through a variety of channels, including catalogs, magazine advertisements, email, direct mail, and phone.

The online and mail-order retail company wanted to increase its sales capacity and have a secondary site for redundancy. Before partnering with Radius GS, they had many unsuccessful attempts finding a partner that could replicate their in-house sales performance.

A nearshore option offering excellent English skills, sales acumen, and an experienced sales management team were important factors in selecting an outsource partner. Superior customer experience was also a priority.

Was Radius GS able to deliver on these expectations? Read on to find out!

Our Solution

Radius GS offered a solution using our nearshore office in Panama.

Having extensive inbound experience with multiple complex programs, our solution delivered on all of the critical factors the client wanted:

  • Nearshore location
  • Inbound and outbound capabilities
  • Bilingual agents with English fluency
  • PCI compliant
  • Ability to expand
  • Flexible hours and staffing
  • Experienced staff in sales operations management

We established connectivity to our client’s sales platform using virtual training tools, enabling our agents and supervisors to train remotely.

The client established productivity measurements as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals. With sales skills and abilities being critical performance drivers, we introduced a sales training program to ensure the agents received frequent call observations and feedback on their calls.

The Results

After only 20 days in production, Radius GS exceeded all of our client’s expectations.

  • Matching and exceeding their in-house sales performance.
  • Surpassing target expectations in sales, average dollars per call, and close rate every month since launch.
  • After only 30 days after launch, Radius GS is also handling the client’s Customer Care line of business (LOB) due to our initial success. 
  • Providing flexible hours with agents working different shifts.
  • Providing aggressive hiring during the company’s high season, tripling headcount during their most important season.
  • Outperforming in-house agents in Customer Service (AHT, One-call resolution).
smiling female customer service representative talking on headset
Project Timeline