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Solutions for Revenue Cycle Management

The ability to effectively collect patient balances can have an impact on your operations. At Radius, we provide healthcare organizations with technology and solutions to make their revenue cycle run smoothly. These solutions ensure your patients are cared for and you are paid on time and your revenue cycle remains healthy.

Improving the Patient Experience

Our solutions enhance the patient experience. Our highly-trained healthcare revenue specialists make patient satisfaction their priority and those experiences will help you a step ahead of the healthcare revenue cycle.
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High-Quality Healthcare Solutions

The revenue cycle begins when a patient confirms an appointment and ends when you receive all applicable payments. We provide services such as patient scheduling and insurance verification, insurance follow-up, and self pay collections – everything to make that entire process run smoothly.

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Advanced Tools and Technology

We take an innovative approach to the patient experience. Our flexible communication channels improve patient satisfaction and simplify every step of the revenue cycle. Our revenue-enhancing tools optimize healthcare reimbursement, which minimizes errors and improves the patient experience.

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Stay Ahead of the Revenue Cycle

In any organization, it is critical to collect on outstanding debts. Our collection agency and debt recovery solutions are designed to ensure your healthcare organization is paid on time. In doing so, our collections experts will provide your patients with a positive experience.

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A Dependable Team of Experts

The Radius team is highly trained and experienced in the healthcare revenue cycle. When you outsource your revenue cycle to us, you can be sure your patients are in good hands and your organization can focus on your core mission: patient care.

Serving Hospitals and Physician Practices

We offer outsourcing solutions to practices and healthcare organizations. Our solutions ensure patient satisfaction, make the revenue cycle run smoothly and help you collect payments in a timely manner.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Improving every step of the customer experience.

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Government & Education

Solutions that ensure efficacy and compliance.

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Utilities & Communications

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Solutions to help you create loyal clients.

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Offering the best in revenue cycle management.

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Service and analytics to get you from here to there.

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Compliant and client-focused solutions.

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