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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare revenue cycle management is essential to the continued success of healthcare providers and others in the health industry. The revenue cycle process begins the moment a patient confirms an appointment, and ends when you receive all applicable payments.

When billing errors are reduced and all medical code guidelines are followed, the revenue cycle runs smoothly. This can be a challenge in today’s markets. That’s where RadiusGS provides real world solutions.

RadiusGS has launched a comprehensive suite of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management services that enhances the patient experience for our healthcare clients.

By introducing the Radius technology suite into revenue cycle management services for hospital and physician practices, we create a unique opportunity to engage with thought leaders in the field. Our goal is to improve the overall patient experience by re-imagining how patients are served. We offer flexible communication channels, which improve patient satisfaction. We also provide revenue-enhancing tools, including collection agency and debt recovery solutions, which optimize and accelerate healthcare reimbursement so that clients may focus completely on their core mission: patient care.

What Our Healthcare Collection Services Include

Your ability to collect on patient balances determines the impact of your efforts. Providing adequate care can be frustrating when trying to keep costs down and customer satisfactions up. Everyone on your team has a huge part to play in regards to healthcare revenue cycle management. It is critical for your entire office to participate in maintaining high quality service, ensuring the patient is cared for and you’re being paid on time.

We provide:

  • Consulting
  • Patient Scheduling and Pre-registration Services
  • Insurance and Benefit Verification
  • Financial Counseling and Benefit Eligibility
  • POS Collections
  • Self-pay and Insurance Follow-up
  • RAC Review and Clinical Appeals

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

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