Avoiding Lost Retail Sales with Streamlined Customer Service

Key Results

The Problem

Radius Global Solutions came to the rescue for one of our online retail sales clients. Over a holiday weekend, the retailer’s phone provider was attacked by malware.

The attack affected the retailer’s ability to deliver calls to their internal and outsourced customer service agents (IB Sales & Customer Care).

Their carriers replied they had no immediate fix and services would be restored after the holiday at the earliest. Based on their historical projections for the holiday weekend, this service restoration delay could cause our client to lose $150K in phone sales per day.

They needed a solution immediately – so they turned to the customer engagement team at Radius for help.

Our Solution

Our operations team immediately engaged the Radius telecom support team. We created a queue for the client on our Asterisk PBX softphone system.

We also set up a dedicated phone number, allowing our client’s carrier to redirect all incoming calls to our agents in a round-robin pattern. Radius agents were the only staffed employees for the entire holiday weekend, including that Monday morning.

Our contact center agents put in a total of 65 overtime hours to help the client with high call volumes until their phone system eventually came back online after the holiday.

The Results

Radius Global Solutions’ innovative resources, dedicated customer service agents, and quick response time made a significant positive impact over the holiday weekend.

Our team helped save the client hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and prevented any negative impact to their customers’ experience.

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