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The Challenge

Increase customer satisfaction & decrease service disconnects for a large southern electric provider serving 4.7 million accounts & over 9 million people

The Utility notifies customers 48 hours prior to service disconnection due to non-payment. Without the notification by telephone, they do not disconnect service.

Increasing volumes related to high cooling bills combined with manual dialing requirements required by the TCPA severely limited the number of customers the utility could contact. Fewer customers contacted resulted in fewer service disconnections, further increasing delinquencies and past due amounts.

Working closely with the Utility, Radius developed a custom solution utilizing traditional dialer technology to contact accounts with land lines. The solution also utilized a manual dialing solution to call accounts with mobile phones.

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The Solution

Create a custom solution utilizing traditional dialer technology to increase live contacts

The manual dialing process began when an Agent, with no access to the customer’s account, manually initiated the telephone call. Calls were only initiated if an Agent was available to receive the call when a connection was made. As calls were dialed, all connects were answered by our Agent. The Agent confirmed basic account information and provided the customer account status information, including the potential disconnection date. The Agent was able to offer solutions to resolve the delinquency before disconnection.

The manual dialing process was configured to deeply penetrate cell phone files while using a 1-to-1 line ratio and answering each call with a live Agent.

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Within three months of launching the campaign, Radius made live contact with more than 15,000 customers. During the height of the client’s disconnect season, more than 600,000 accounts were called.

Reduction in Service Disconnects

  • Client experienced a 20% reduction in the number of service disconnects it typically experiences during this time frame.

Increase in Payments

  • Client experienced a 14% increase in payments over its previous process.