Outsourcing Services to Streamline Insurance Claims

Key Results

The Problem

Enhancing insurance claims processing

Our client is the leading automotive insurance claims processor, connecting insurers with the largest active lien holder network in the United States for accelerated resolutions on a digital highway.

They need accurate information as they are the mediator between the lien holder and the insurance carrier. A tight turnaround time must be maintained once orders are placed on a new claim.

They have high expectations including:

  • Call Quality scores 95% or greater
  • Data Accuracy 100%
  • Claim queue up to date daily
  • Back office support functions – 100% complete by the end of the day

Our Solution

The Results

Results for our insurance claims processer client:

  • Quality calls with accurate information thus ensuring first-call resolution
  • Quantity of claims completed to match the daily client requirement
  • Flexibility with staffing
  • 100% accuracy with claim processing
Project Timeline