Custom Solutions for Major Airlines

Key Results

The Problem

Our client is a leading provider of assisting many of the nation’s largest airlines and its passengers with delayed, lost, or damaged assistive devices. The client needed support with their inbound lines and back-office work from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST Monday – Friday.

This client provides a unique and time-sensitive service. So, they were looking for a provider that could build a completely customized solution. That’s how they discovered our dedicated team at Radius Global Solutions.

Radius employs highly skilled customer service representatives to meet our clients’ needs. Our operations team monitors claims and assigns work to each representative throughout the day with a keen focus on managing the inbound phone lines.

Supervisors also assist with clearing queues and taking incoming calls. All queues must be cleared prior to the end of the shift.

Our Solution

Radius currently supports the client with the following:

  • Taking new claims from both the airline representatives and passengers
  • Contacting passengers to complete customer satisfaction surveys
  • Forwarding text messages to the claims team
  • Reviewing email inbox and forwarding emails not assigned to the correct department or claims team

Our team also assists with tracking equipment recently ordered and those on backorder. This includes:

  • Contacting Manufactures for a status update on orders
  • Consulting shipping companies to view the estimated time of delivery
  • Contacting passengers and providing order status updates
  • Contacting Technicians and providing order status updates
  • Escalating claims to a supervisor when the estimated ship date has been extended outside of the required time or if we find anything abnormal

Our efforts have yielded a host of benefits for the client:

  • Improved satisfaction for passengers, airline representatives, technicians, and manufacturers as someone is readily available to assist.
  • The client’s commitment to the airline is to resolve passengers’ claims with minimum effort from the passengers. The Radius team is helping the client meet this commitment by doing all the back-end work and constantly providing updates to the passengers via their preferred method of contact and frequency.
  • The client’s Claim Specialists are now able to focus on closing out claims since the Radius Team manages the inbound lines, tracks orders, reaches out to all parties involved with an update, and searches for all unassigned messages.
  • The client maintains its relationships with the Technicians since the Radius Team does all the back-end work. Our team provides the technicians with updates via their preferred method of contact, allowing the Technicians to balance their work and create schedules for repairs.
The Results
  • The Radius team’s current accuracy rate is over 98%
  • Constant improvement in speed while maintaining accuracy
  • 98.67% Quality score on claim intake
  • Clear email inbox and all queues daily
  • A high volume of customer compliments on superior service
  • Compliments from the Claim Specialists
  • A great relationship with the client’s internal team acting as an extension of their department
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Project Timeline