Building a FinTech Outsourcing Strategy

Key Results

The Problem

The Radius Global Solutions team was awarded a large customer engagement program for a national online lender. The lender started by completing their due diligence with us and two of the largest BPO providers in the industry.

They felt confident that Radius would deliver the individualized attention they needed with a large enough team to attain the growth they were looking for. We not only met but exceeded their needs.

This growing FinTech lender was looking for a nearshore provider with high English language competency. They sought an outsourcing partner that had proven experience with lending practices to provide services for cards and loan origination. This program also required a quick ramp-up, a facility build-out, and an extensive six-week training session.

Communication and action were key factors in the successful implementation:

  • Leadership: Radius engaged Trainers and Operations Leaders to create high morale and employee engagement
  • Exceeded Graduation Goals: 10% more students successfully graduated
  • Successful Launch: Consistent performance exceeding client’s goals in first 45 days
  • 100%+ of goals for QA, AHT, attendance and adherence
  • Low Attrition: 95% retention rate

Our Solution

Radius manages several customer interactions for our FinTech client, including:

Card origination and financial care:

  • Assisting customers with completing credit card applications
  • Assisting customers with credit card inquiries
  • Accepting credit card payments

Loan care:

  • Assisting customers with queries regarding current loans
  • Accepting loan payments

Loan origination:

  • Assisting customers with completing loan applications
  • Assisting customers with application queries and general loan queries
  • Calculating monthly net income and submitting the loan for decisioning

Past due payments:

  • Responding to inbound calls, emails, or texts
  • Making outbound contacts, Radius utilizes our customer engagement platform to connect our specialists to the customers

Complaint management:

  • All complaints received from customers, or third parties are logged through the Client’s Log Complaint Workflow system located on their Portal work system.
  • Routing details of complaints to the appropriate department.
  • Investigating complaints and resolving them by the corresponding Radius department from a general queue.

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The Results
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