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Radius Global Solutions Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are in our DNA at Radius Global Solutions. Our commitment to meeting the challenges of an ever-changing regulatory environment provides tangible and measurable benefits for your business.

Compliance is firmly embedded in all aspects of Radius Global Solutions from the design process through deployment. The Radius team pioneered many compliance protocols early on, and we continue to be at the forefront of this crucial facet of the business. In many cases, we introduced innovative technologies and changes to our core process well in advance of industry requirements. We remain a forward thinking, innovative company embracing new technologies while retaining a tight grip on our real world experience to exceed compliance expectations. Call recording capabilities, formal compliance dashboards, and a prescribed quality assurance process are just some of the monitoring tools we utilize to protect your brand.

Regulatory Security Compliance in the Debt Collection Industry

Monitored Data Security

At Radius Global Solutions we combine oversight with an infrastructure built and continually managed with a security philosophy that provides peace of mind that your data is secure. Physical security, restricted access and a hardened network infrastructure combined with firewalls, DMZs and intrusion detection are only our first line of defense.

Additionally, the adaption of a “least privilege” philosophy, encryption and limitation to remote desktop access provide incremental protection. Finally, the Radius Global Solutions  environment is monitored in real-time and is subject to internal audits as well as outside audits and certification including ISO 27001:2005 and PCI.

While technology enables much of our compliance process, it’s our people who are the driving force behind our security and compliance mastery. Our dedicated team remains active in professional development and training, ensuring that we keep abreast of security concerns and changes to compliance protocols. Strict security and compliance provide you with extra assurance that all the bases are covered, all the time. That’s the Radius difference.

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